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Infosys Training Program for freshers. Help me to solve this logic.

mainframe jcl pdf download Control flow from one STEP to another. Difference between an Object Module and Load Module. Tue Apr 14, 9: Mainframe Developer Requirement – Coimbatore. Can anyone tell prod. Replacing a larger string with smaller string. Eliminate Junk data in string. To compare two files SSN fields.

Extract IMS database to a dataset. DCB parameters for Input Tape datasets? How to update records count in the header using JCL. Masking some fields in a dataset using JCL.

S abend while sorting records. SORT verb – help. What is the difference between Comp-5 and Comp in Cobol??

Need sort to compare 2 datasets. How to identify Load library? In cics what is new copy.

Wed Apr 15, 9: Connecting to the server. Difference between sysprint, sysout.

How to check the return code of PROC. Dynamically adding Loadlib for the session!! To match and remove duplicate records from two files.

How to get the full record length? Fri Apr 17, Defining different file formats in cobol. Picture PIC Clause padding Replace special characters with spaces in mainframe jcl pdf download string. Stop Run in both called and calling programs!!! Creating the PS with current date as a qualifier.

Mainframe JCL – ABENDU Forums

How mainframe jcl pdf download change dates in a jcl using Rexx? Join on keys and replace when matched. How to compare two ps files mainfrme millions of records? What could be file status check if i read the file reversed? What is the difference between CS and RR isolation levels? How to specify a hexa decimal key in Joinkeys?