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More recently, Musui downooad found it profitable to charge pleasure district merchants and brothels for “protection” much like the American Mafia of the mid-twentieth century.

Musui’s Story: The Autobiography of a Tokugawa Samurai Summary & Study Guide

Musui ends his story both acknowledging he lived a full and fun life, and regretting the harm he did to his family and his reputation, which undoubtedly led to poverty and a bad reputation. He learns horseriding and swordfighting at an early age, and has no interest in reading and writing. He is a hellraiser in his youth, getting into fights and disobeying his father and his constantly scolding grandmother.

The Autobiography of a Tokugawa Samurai. After working on a fishing boat for a time, Musui returns home musuis story pdf download spends the next two years bedridden because of musuis story pdf download untreated testicle infection. To teach him a lesson, Musui’s father literally imprisons him in a cage in his home for a period of three years, from age twenty-one musuis story pdf download twenty-four.

After recovering, Musui spends a couple years mastering fencing and becoming a local leader of swordfighters, arranging duels and bullying rival fencing schools.

More summaries and resources for teaching or studying Musui’s Story: Masquerading as an important official, Musui spends time on the road until his family beseeches him to return home. Musui’s Story is the autobiographical account of samurai Katsu Kokichi, who lived in the early s during the height of the Tokugawa period in Japan.

Musuis story pdf download also masquerades as a mystic, and gets rich only to quickly lose it on prostitution by peasants paying him to guess lottery numbers. Musui lived an adventurous life, full of swordfights, family squabbles, mussuis, prostitution, and get-rich-quick schemes.

Musuis Story The Autobiography Of A Tokugawa Samurai

View a FREE sample. Musui is born to a concubine, given up to a wet nurse, and only at seven is he adopted into the Musuis story pdf download family. He steals from musuis story pdf download rice coffers of his brothers, and negotiates various disputes, usually involving money, with his landlord or troublesome storg. At fourteen, Musui runs away from home and spends several months begging at the side of roads and sleeping at various shrines or merely on sstory ground.

Order our Musui’s Story: View the Lesson Plans. From then on, little changes for Musui as he continues to try to get rich and enjoy a lazy life and carnal pleasures. This study pdr contains the following sections: He took on the name Musui after he officially retired.

Musui’s musuis story pdf download years consist of a series of financial up and downs and other adventures. Browse all BookRags Study Guides.

Musuis Story The Autobiography Of A Tokugawa Samurai By Katsu Kokichi Lesson Plans

In order to keep up appearances, Musui becomes badly in debt, so much so that he decides to run away again to avoid financial problems. Malnourished, Musui nearly dies from sickness until rescued by a priest.

I Run Away Again. Follow Us on Facebook. The Autobiography of a Tokugawa Samurai from Amazon. He spends a lot of time in Yoshiwara, the pleasure district, where he smokes, sees shows, and pays prostitutes for sex. Musui hopes that his story might help others, especially his ancestors, avoid the mistakes he made.

He starts to loan money to gamblers at interest. Musui then hits his testicles on a sharp rock while musuis story pdf download on a mountainside, and his testicles swell up so that he can hardly walk. This musuis story pdf download contains words approx. His bad reputation forces him into an early retirement at age thirty-seven.

View the Study Pack. He also begrudgingly steps in to save his musuis story pdf download from financial ruin by tricking the landlord’s peasants into giving more money by threatening to commit suicide—something he has no intention of going through with.

Read more from the Study Guide. He becomes a merchant of swords, earning profits only to spend every bit of it in short order.