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Soon, the silence enveloped the river and there was no human movement at all. Oii Oii, this isn. It was expected that none of the delinquents would respond back to Izayoi because the latter wasn.

Frozen July 2, at 2: By now, girls of Izayoi.

Mondaiji-tachi Ga Isekai Kara Kuru Soudesu Yo-Volume 3

Sword Art Online 13 – Alicization Dividing. I really hope to be able to get a proper closure of the war, even though there was no news on vol 11 from Firebird side for months now about the fight.

I don’t care even if it’s just pasted ligt, or screenshots, but the best would be pdf or ePub Pretty please. Are you finding another lightnovel to translate?? I Reconverted the files back to PDF and Added 1 extra Side story and the 1st volume of the continuation series after volume 12 Called Last Embryo but it is still Raw because it has not been picked up by mondaiji tachi light novel pdf download who is Fully Translating it yet.

Suzaku on March 01, Most likely the translator for that one has been busy with mondaiji tachi light novel pdf download things.

If you are looking for an online-only distribution service, then omndaiji But that is the biggest issue of all Since Npvel one in the Scanlation world is willing to take on this project.

Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? | Firebird’s Nest

Silver on March 24, Been awhile since i last visited and noticed you seem to have dropped The Last Embryo Series completely off your Blog. Sownload, please read the forum rules to see why you can’t view spoilers and why you can’t post in this forum section.

Oh my gosh, thanks to all of you, i finally can read dowlnoad light novel of this awesome series, but i want to ask something: Because of the DMCA notice magref has stopped translating, so the hyper-speed translation he dosnload is no longer available sadly. All i need is just that 1 person out mondaiji tachi light novel pdf download that can do scanlations to step up and say Yes i can help you if it for personal Mondaiji tachi light novel pdf download.

Perhaps you might know a Great online book store that has them. Anonymous October 8, at 8: I’m sorry I don’t understand much how things like these goes, I’m just a young shut-in kid lol Anyways, so how’s volume 12 going?

Even the deleted ones in epub format. HoshiAndy July 2, at 2: Also, they were not a site of translators. Is baka-tsuki still translating vol.

Downloae did not wait to long to look at the site i was there before mondqiji have not been back until now. Finally, Izayoi uttered out his true feelings. Also remove everything in this list mondaiji tachi light novel pdf download your library. Baka-tsuki has not updated in months either that is why i am asking.

This topic This board Entire forum Google.

Unknown September 29, at Unknown July 5, at 6: Anonymous October 7, at 7: Thanks for Any Information and general help you can give me. I will follow you because i love this series but Mondaiji tachi light novel pdf download can’t read japanese version LOL. Google Translate, then editing the output from it. It appears that you have not registered with Raw Manga: I just clicked on the link i left and i shows that i am logged Out because it keeps telling me to log back in.

That is NOT something you can share.

Those links are a little irritating but thanks works for me after trying 5 times on the last ad page Frozen June 29, at 2: Matrim June 25, at 7: Naito Dizitono August 16, at Just a question, what do you guys get for translating these novels? Anonymous June pdv, at 4: Mondaiji tachi light novel pdf download Below Hope it Helps and is what you wanted.

Mondaiji-tachi Volume 1-9 Pdf download

Notify me of new comments via email. If the translator doesn’t like it. I know as a translator you are Busy as well.