You place a book so that one page lies almost flat, with the facing page and that side of the book hanging off the side of the scanner. By continuing to browse, you are agreeing to our use of cookies as explained in our Privacy Policy. Search this Thread Advanced Search. The packing was just fine, but there was a ridiculous amount of haze on the inside of the glass. So if you’re looking for a standard scanner, look elsewhere. The utility automatically rotates every other page.

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Opticbook 3600, due to the lateness of the hour and the maximum size limit for posts, we will have to end Part I for now. Opticbook 3600 can also keep adding pages to a single batch and send entire batches to Abbyy FineReader, the bundled OCR program.

So before you connect it and turn it on, you should unlock it. And if it is currently rotating even pages, set it to rotate odd pages. Bottom Line The Plustek OpticBook can scan opticbook 3600 pages, including photos, but it does its best work with books.

You may optidbook like. If you approach it that way, I think you’ll find it’s less confusing, and you really don’t have to know anything about how it calculates things internally. So the sequence opticbook 3600 far as OpticBook is concerned opticboook opticbook 3600 ODD, EVEN, ODD, etc Suppose you know the next scan is going to come out upside down for example, if you “fool” the scanner by scanning two odd pages in a row, or two even pages in a row, or if you are rescanning opticbook 3600 same page for a second time in a row.

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It turned out to be a good choice. And most of all, I wanted to get a feel for poticbook book scanning was even practical with a opticbook 3600 oticbook device. Here’s the working assumption that I’ve made, and it’s been useful for me so far: While I may go back and proofread this post in the days to come, for now you get it opticbook 3600 its raw form. Then you just change the setting to the opposite value. So I opticbookk, and here’s how it went After creating the project file, you then adjust the scan frame.

Opticbook 3600 have an awful lot going on right now and I’m not sure I’d be able to squeeze in scanning my books a page at a time.

Last setting before I go to scanning is the destination folder for the scanned images. Back to the instruction sheet, this time on the reverse side.

I created a subfolder from where the project file was stored. Track Posts by nekokami via RSS. If you have scanning needs similar to mine, don’t hesitate, buy this scanner! Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, opticbook 3600 Downloads: This website is using opticbook 3600.

There is a setting for page rotation, and I opticbook 3600 degree rotation for every even opticbook 3600, figuring that the odd pages would be just like the cover, since I had the binding near the edge. Get Our Best Stories!

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In other words, if it is rotating odd pages, then opticbook 3600 it opticbook 3600 rotate even pages. Find More Posts by RWood. Pros Offers special features opticboko scanning pages from books. Also included is a folded up poster sized set of instructions in about 5 languages.

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But the real challenge comes later – how hard is it to scan and OCR, and does it even work? OpticBook and Kindle DX. Opticbook 3600 Read Full Review.

Special-purpose software takes some of the opticbook 3600 out of scanning book pages, and the design effectively eliminates the shadow that typically shows up on the spine opticbook 3600 of a opticbok page. Flatbed Scanning area – x mm 8.