TRANSGO TF6 A TF8 A REPROGRAMMING TF-3 MANUAL ON T TRG-TF TRANSGO PART: TF-2, CLASSIFICATION: REPROGRAMMING KIT. FITS: TF6, TF8, , –3 Speed RWD up Aluminum Case Transmission. FEATURES: . This Super High Quality Kit is made by TRANSGO. SK TF We have hundreds of bearing kits and all kinds of hard parts available. This is an actual picture of.

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Depending on the manufacturer, the kit will consist of a steel plate, some springs, and, we hope, easy-to-read instructions. The fact is, most of us are scared to get inside of our automatic trannys.

JW is best known for their aftermarket UltraBell SFI bellhousings, but perform numerous other upgrades and modifications reprogfamming all types of transmissions and converters.


Truth be reprogdamming, you can reprogram this valvebody without even using an aftermarket kit. If you feel more comfortable doing so, buy the kit and this primer will give you an idea of what will be required; just be sure to follow the instructions that come with the kit, should there be any variance. Meanwhile, Tim Greear, the valvebody technician at JW, will show us just how simple it is to modify your valvebody.

Installing Shift Reprogram Kit On A 727 Torqueflite Valvebody – Shifty Business

Simply remove the valvebody from the transmission, open it up, and drill a few holes. JW Performance reptogramming kits for your application that vary slightly from what we have shown you.

Remember to specify the year of your valvebody using the date stamp on the valvebody. Again, specify the year of the valvebody using the date stamp.

TF-6 A TF-8 A Torqueflite 6 8 Transgo Reprogramming Shift Kit SK TF-2 | eBay

Both kits get a little more in-depth, reprograkming are still quite user-friendly. Facebook Twitter Google Plus Email. Related Videos Stock vs. How Much Do You Need?


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