A Night in the Lonesome October. A Night in the Lonesome October. By Roger Zelazny, Illustrated by Gahan Wilson. Rediscovered Classics. FICTION. When I encountered this line for the first time, on page 2 of Roger Zelazny’s A Night in the Lonesome October, I cracked up. I didn’t get the line’s. A Night in the Lonesome October () is one of Roger Zelazny’s last novels, illustrated by Gahan Wilson. In an October in the late 19th century, a small .

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Shrimpless Needless to sayI wasn’t in the lonesoke of dispositions to read this classic Halloween read. Follow us on Twitter. But in a late chapter several literally dropped clues reveal a more important inspiration for him. Patterns and Allusions in The Chronicles of Amber. Story is written from watchdog’s point of view. Not only that, I also managed to make it relatively unscarred to the very last page, despite half of the cast being nihgt shrimping fauna material!

The bulk of the story takes place in London and its environs, though at one ooctober the story detours through the dream-world described by Lovecraft in The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath. Each one has their own pet familiar AND is working for a big event on Halloween to either release a great power or keep it where it is.

And yet it has a subtlety that may be overlooked by the casual reader as Zelazny drops literary references which provide additional insights into what is really going on. Whether you call the genre humour or horror or lovecraftian or mystery, but I am not able to put it into single genre confidently. I made up a set of notes this year from discussions over the past couple of years in the Roger Zelazny group here: This page was last edited on 27 Juneat View all 22 comments. And when i couldn’t I had my wonderful friends at RZN to help me out even if I spend most of my time there just lurking.

I am not sure I can find a weakness in the whole thing at all, and I am not even going to octobwr for it. It’s an odd lit Goodness gracious, I am super late writing this review.


Llike, I don’t know, Yhe or Butcher or Cutter or something. The biography is said to work on three levels: It’s one of the things that I loved about the Harry Potter series, seeing all the mythological and olnesome references and figuring them out and trying to see zelaznh they linesome anything that was to come in the main storyline.

Zelazny portrays Rastov as an alcoholic with the snake Quicklime sometimes living in his belly. The Things in the Mirror, Thing in the Wardrobe, the Thing in the Steamer Trunk and the Thing in the Circle downstairs are always trying to escape, but are kept under control by Snuff’s ferociousness.

A Night in the Lonesome October by Roger Zelazny

You need a good amount of patience to finish this book. Gray and I ran after.

Gray and I ran after. I like being a watchdog better than what I was before he summoned me and gave me this job I feel that I could never do a book such as this credit with my limited ability to express myself by writing a review for it, so I will leave it to you now to pick it up and see for yourself, because you definitely should.

Cross posted at http: This is a reference to unproven assertions that Rasputin practiced mithridatism, which involved consuming low doses of snake poison in order to become resistant to assassination attempts.

Is it any surprise he has a misshapen dwarf sidekick and an experiment man? Part of the enjoyment of A Night in the Lonesome October comes from recognizing obvious characters and puzzling over the identities of the elusive ones. Thanks for commenting and pointing out the line from your favorite poet. You are commenting using your WordPress. It’s a perfect mood book for the season, and I think there are little tidbits that will be picked up in subsequent readings.

They add depth and something special To reveal any more would ruin the book. A Night in the Lonesome October is about a gateway to a dimension of Lovecraftian horrors and the two opposing forces dedicated to opening the gate or zeelazny sure it stays closed.


Are you ready for a night in the lonesome October?

Both of these topics contain spoilers. Does this seem like a good match? Sep 30, Becky rated it liked it Shelves: The best way that I can think to describe it is that I feel like I’m seeing the events of the story out of the corner of my eye, that I can never quite get the full picture. Jack the Ripper Ripper Duke Nukem: Goodness gracious, I am super late writing this review. My name is Snuff Nov 01, Maria Dimitrova rated it really liked it Recommended to Maria by: If I can recommend only one book to read in October- this would be it!

Zelazny portrays a Holmes who outdoes himself with exceptional disguises. His papers are housed at the Albin O.

A Night in the Lonesome October – Zelazny Roger

I will not have them misread by a poseur! He also deduces that Snuff is intelligent and capable of speech. So who are they?

I used to watch How I Met Your Mother and loved all the various challenges that Barney took on because someone in the group said there was no way he could do it. The countdown has begun and stuff.

Also, given his penchant for old movies, Zelazny may have based the characters not on Burke and Hare directly but instead on the film The Body Snatcher which starred Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi. You know the feeling when you finish the book and with a quiet satisfied and slightly smug smile realize that it was just perfectas though it was written just for you? While the book is a quick read yhe seems rather light and funny on the surface, it is really pretty creepy and touches upon topics such as vivisection, murder and grave-robbing.

That’s pretty much what it is.