The Meaning of Sarkozy has ratings and 11 reviews. Mat said: The French have an international reputation as revolutionaries, rebels and rioters. But. Nicolas Sarkozy emerges in Badiou’s book as a figure who wants to close down once for all any alternatives to this divided world. The book treats Sarkozy as an. Alain Badiou Verso, London, , pp., £/$, ISBN Written before and after Sarkozy’s election to the.

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Review: The meaning of Sarkozy | World news | The Guardian

The advantage of hindsight is that we get to critique the author’s foresight, or lack thereof. A state legitimised by fear is virtually fit to become terroristic In Praise of Disobedience.

In The Meaning of Sarkozy, the first English translation of Badiou’s angry meditations after the election, the author can hardly bear to write his subject’s name, referring to him mostly as “the Rat Man”. Or worse, Sarkozy is guilty of Petainism, “servile to the powers that be”, a crime to be sure, but Badiou offers little to make it stick.

He was, for instance, one of the few French intellectuals to denounce the ban on the Muslim headscarf. Elections now do nothing but impose the established order, the so-called Left are generally socially polite capitalists, and the government would be little different if chosen by lottery.


The Left no longer scares anyone; up with the rich, down with the poor? Dec 01, Rami rated it really liked it Shelves: Jonathan rated it it was amazing Feb 13, Suddenly the music stopped and, like children in a party game, they were caught striking meaningless poses. The preface is a street level rant where he defends his right to call Sarkozy a “Rat Man”. But in some quartiers of Paris, Badiou is practically a celebrity.

Still, there are motifs that resonate sharply on this side of the Channel. My only complaint about this book is against its title. He obviously deplores poverty in the third world and in the immigrant communities of his own country. And if the Islamist badioh in Mali there will be more of them looking for work in Marseille, which is may be thr the Socialist M.

I need to read his book dedicated on the topic. May 13, Ft. The book argues that real political change comes from the collective actions of ordinary people.

Again, Badiou has nothing to say.

The Meaning of Sarkozy

The absurdity of a system that gives a crushing majority to such a man, in order to avoid a danger that is largely imaginary. Katrinka thf it it was amazing Nov 16, That message was refined, in the presidential campaign, into a more nuanced promise of purgative change: Adriel rated it it was amazing Oct 27, Quite the contrary, he opposes the market for its emphasis on material welfare.


Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Damnably Badiou cites Book 9 of the Republic, and gets it wrong.

Mises Review

For a “famous” French philosopher, Badiou has regressed into being a silly old fart who revels in name calling, the gory of the French Revolution, mmeaning Paris Commune and the student riots of 19 Rats, Spoiled Again The Sarkozy era is over, at least for now.

Instead, he just assumes it as given. I am sure that Badiou would brush all this aside.

He is particularly disgusted by the idea that popular consultation is supposed to bestow moral legitimacy on the winner. Trivia About The Meaning of Sa Mao had the right idea, but he too narrowly limited his target:.

Badiou is mdaning serious philosopher, literary critic and dramatist. The Meaning of Sarkozy by Alain Badiou.

Sarkozu “bling bling” president with the pop star wife, who has actively positioned himself as a scourge of all that May represents in France, is Badiou’s existential enemy. The right wing turned to Sarkozy out of fear of immigrants, workers and the youth of the suburbs. Skip to main content. Feb 25, Lena Chilari rated it it was ok.