WELCOME TO CANCERLAND A mammogram leads to a cult of pink kitsch. By Barbara Ehrenreich. I was thinking of it as one of those drive-by mammograms. Barbara Ehrenreich: Welcome to Cancerland. In this essay Ehrenreich takes a surprising and somewhat controversial take on Breast Cancer. Barbara Ehrenreich is a freelance writer and feminist activist who wrote the award-winning article “Welcome to Cancerland”, to express her own.

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Breast cancer survivors look for other survivors to identify with, and use the cancer as a source of pride.

Email required Address never made public. One point in the essay recounts her angry comment on a support website. How can she discourage something so perseverant and individual? How can you talk to me about a matter that has deeply affected my life in such a nonchalant manner?

Barbara also points out badbara one should be careful in her celebrations, welcoms a cancer can always return somewhere else or in a different form, causing the same if not more damage. Twitter Tweets by IBlame. Click here for proper attribution technique. One of the main ideas that I felt was very strong was the struggle with identity loss. They can remain inspiration and a symbol for the absolute beauty, significance, but most important the uncertainty that we all must conquer every time we live a day outside the confines of Cancer land.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Ehrenreich, being an intelligent woman in a harrowing situation, knew the odds, ins, and outs for her situation, ones that hardly solicit optimism. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Email required Address never made public. But she omitted one word: To date, there are 2. It was certainty that she would not fall prey to a false sense of security and would not be reassured by a plush toy.


Analysis of “Welcome to Cancerland” | WRT Science and Society

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. There should be more sadness, and emotion in her explanation, but she is straightup with us. You are commenting using your WordPress. And, as she admits, none of the evil practices were invented to harm—they were invented, like our current practices, in the hopeful expectation that they might help. As I continued through the essay and I was taken into her world and I started to understand it all.

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October 22, at 3: This was back in the olden days before I fully appreciated the implications of intellectual property and stuff like that in the digital age. Sure, happiness is something that people should seek, but when you are going through the worst pains physical, mental, emotional, is it humane to make someone think that they are happy?

Ehrenreich writes about breast cancer and chemotherapy with an attitude that is uncommon. She points to the teddy bears, ribbons, and crayons among other items and states that these objects and ideas that come with them are wrong.

Readers may experience crappier than usual customer service. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Happy xmas to you, Twisty, and to all blamers. View my complete profile. For me at least, breast cancer will never be a source of identity or pride.

In the beginning, the focus is more about her removal from the minds of the doctors.

Welcome to cancerland | Harper’s Magazine

D in cellular immunology, she understood how cells are shaped and how they function and knew how to illustrate these cellular terminology and knowledge to readers. There is really no personal nature to life because once one person gets familiar with it; the biological nature of life is taken from them. Hoping all is well. July 18, at I absolutely loved this essay. I will not go into that last good night with a teddy bear tucked under my arm.


Stuffed with facts and background and cold statistics this essay overwhelms the reader. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Welcome To Cancerland

Cancer Center, click here. They found it, let them fix it. I started the article, sensing her confusion and anger at her diagnosis. The fear she went through when the radiologist will not answer any questions about what they may or may not have seen on her mammogram results was apparent and the length of time she had to wait to get her mammogram results bothered Barbara as well.

Barbara makes this simile to help readers visualize and understand how these cells look like because she understands that the general public has very few or no scientific background. Even from the moment of diagnosis, Ehrenreich harbors more anger and resentment than fear and sorrow.

In the end, Ehrenreich focuses more on her relationship with the cults that are breast cancer societies. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Your email address will not be published. A good majority of the people who supports these societies are cancer survivors themselves. What works for her own peace of mind has little to do with the trappings of pink-ribbon sentimentalism in the survivors groups.

Welcome to cancerland

Why would she not want support through tough times? This only isolates the patient from the doctor as I felt hurt that something that caused so much emotional trauma for me was so easy for the doctor to discuss bluntly.

As my cancer career unfolds, I will… become a composite of the living and the dead-an implant to replace the breast, a wig to replace the hair.