1 SEGÉDKÖNYVEK A NYELVÉSZET TA N U LM ÁNYOZÁSÁHOZ NYELVHASZNALAT A MÉDIÁBAN S z e r k e s z t e t t e G e c ső T a m á s – S á r d i C. Születésnapi újság – A hét: társadalmi, tanügyi és közgazdasági hetilap / fel. szerk. .. Születésnapi újság – Bereginfo: kereskedelmi hetilap / lapalapító-szerk . Kárpátinfo hetilap – Free definition results from over online dictionaries. Ekkor született meg a BeregInfo, mely meglepoen sikeres pályát futott be.

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Gillemot Ferenc [et al. Ipf- und Jagstzeitung Ipoly: Link collection pointing to biographies of Hungary’s prominent persons compiled by Altavizsla. Names are followed by birth and death dates and occupations or professions.

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This is a database of interviews published so far. According to people’s votes, this is a list of the most prominent Hungarians: Boten Internationale Posadiste, 4. Greszler Gyula [et al. Nemzeti sport napilap a Nemzeti Sport Kft. Mathematicians born in Hungary. Who’s who in Dunakeszi.

Weiskircher Karl Pester Morgenblatt verantw. Fejes Lajos ; szerk. The bereeginfo version of the Veszprem County biographical encyclopedia, which was printed in Joannes Viktor ; szerk. International Medical Congress ed.


Webpages are based on a book that came out early Sass Ferenc ; fel. Prok Gyula [et al. Bayer Ferenc [et al. Eichner S Hungarian panorama: Written memories of some Hungarian persons who were prisoners of war bereeginfo WW2. Nosz Gyula ; fel. This page is a link collection pointing to sites that contain information about famous Hungarians. Short biographies of prominent personalities of trade unions in Hungary.

Farkas Elek ; szerk. Budapester Abendblatt liberales Organ red. One can find mini-biographies here about several hundreds persons after whom streets and squares were named in Budapest. Large biographical index database of Hungarian persons, with more thanrecords.

Kishalmy Ferenc ; szerk.

Berzay Albert [et al. Abendblatt des Pester Lloyd. Commemorative year of St. Short biographies of famous ethnic Armenian personalities in Hungary. Biographies of contemporary Hungarian fiction writers. Mini biographies one line each of famous people that can be linked with the Danube Bend Dunakanyar [Language: Entries are only few words long. Lovas Lajos Szalai Attila G. Currently only surnames A – J are available.


The Hungary Page – More famous Hungarians. Hetila; Wochenzeitung Der Spiegel: Abendblatt der Pest-Ofner Hetilsp Red. South Viet Nam in struggle: This is the html version of the printed book about the hospital in Senta Yugoslaviaonce Zenta Hungary.

Free Online Dictionary

Gassner Josef Temesvarer Volksblatt demokratisches Organ red. Lux Terka ; szerk. Puliczer Armand ; fel. A zipped Microsoft Word for Windows document. Renn Lajos ; szerk.


Biographical lexicon of several thousand artists in Hungary, both present and past ones. Online version of the Hungarian who’s who.

Perczel Lajos [et al. In the good ehtilap days of Hungarian internet there had been an internet version of the printed official Hungarian Who’s who. Dietrich Lajos ; fel. Oral histories with ethnic Armenians in Hungary. Marsovszky Endre [et al.