That’s Boris’s book ” Any Card At Any Birthday (ACAAB) by Boris Wild “. The DVD Boris is very thorough and covers all you need to know. The most exciting version of Any Card At Any Number from the ingenious mind of a FISM Award Winner! A prediction deck is introduced before the effect starts. Luckily Boris Wild’s ACAAB is one of the better versions. First, I find some personal joy in the fact that it was released as a book. You really don’t.

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But if you like the demo, buy it The first thing that came to mind when I heard about this effect was a calender.

Very good for stand up. Customer Reviews showing 1 – 10 of It is probably my favorite method for this effect and I will start using it. It stays “safe” inside one of your outside jacket pockets yes, you do need to wear a jacket for this routine.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Boris Wild’s ACAAB

Thank you so much for sharing. No stooges or even “instant stooges”. The performer does not touch the cards. He can say any number. Here is the effect: Do you want to respond to this review? This page was created in 0.


Resets in a few seconds. Lester Special user Posts. They are normal as you use your own cards. No mental calculations to learn.

I saw his lecture at Abbotts a couple of weeks ago. That’s why the 4 stars. Everything is well thought-out. For one, you could simply perform another card effect or two prior to ACAAB and use the deck that’s already in play. A first spectator names her birth date or freely names ANY number Why ACAAN is the “holy grail” for magicians, Boris has created a routine that both laymen and magicians will find very entertaining and boggling too.

I think that’s a good exercise instead of jumping to the explanation.

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Feb 4, It was so perfect and pure looking from my point of view. View our magic tricks index. No rough and smooth No sticky cards No short cards No table needed No sleights No memorized deck or mnemonic work No formulas or sequences to remember No mental calculations to learn.

No memorized deck or mnemonic work. Suit Cut to Orde.

Any Card At Any Birthday by Boris Wild DVD

I find it less cumbersome, though not quite as “pure. This then amounts to a worthy entry into the field. It’s hard being the self-proclaimed “expert” at something.

No force or equivoque.


This has been out since a long time The method for this is beautiful. A prediction deck is introduced before the effect starts and remains in the card case until the end.

Card is always revealed at the exact named number No stooges involved and no “pre-show work”. You really don’t need video to learn the routine and, I would argue, some of the moves are going to turn out best if you’re forced to use your imagination a bit rather that just mimicking the person on the screen.

What’s not to like? Keep in mind that I haven’t spent months performing this, so I could be over-thinking the issue. They can choose any number, ! Wild’s routine is well worth considering This routine fooled me completely- I was dead in the water from the get go. And they do choose ANY number Why do we need to see the card after it’s been named and noted on a business card?

Editions – Frantz Rejasse Average Rating: Aside from being simple yet devious in execution, A. But method affects effect