The phrase ‘Technetronic Era’ many not have cemented its place in posterity, but we appear to be living in elements of it nonetheless. In the book, Between Two Ages: America’s Role in Technetronics Era, Brzezinski outlined many of the principal tenets of contemporary. Zbigniew Kazimierz “Zbig” Brzezinski was a Polish-American diplomat and political scientist. . In his piece Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era, Brzezinski argued that a coordinated policy among developed .

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The Technetronic Era

For the U. Myron Gutmann amiably and efficiently — even when under great pressures of time — devoted their energies to the completion of the manuscript. The world is ceasing to be an arena in which relatively self-contained, “sovereign,” and homogeneous nations interact, collaborate, clash, or make war. The difficulties faced by the United States in dealing with Nasser or Ayub Khan, who were not only promoting but also responding to the emotionalism of their own masses, are cases in point.

Nations of different sizes and developmentally in different historical epochs interact, creating friction, variable patterns of accommodation, and changing alignments. Brzezinski, acting under a lame duck Carter presidency—but encouraged that Solidarity in Poland had vindicated his style of engagement with Eastern Europe—took a hard-line stance against what seemed like an imminent Soviet invasion of Poland.

In the aftermath of the invasion, Carter was determined to respond vigorously to what he considered a dangerous provocation. There are times when a whole generation is caught in this way between two ages, two modes of life, with the consequence that it loses all power to understand itself and has no standard, no security, no simple acquiescence.

Though the United States searches for global stability and devotes its enormous resources to preventing revolutionary upheavals, its social impact on the world is unsettling, innovative, and, creative.

It depends in the first instance on the resources committed to it, the personnel available for it, the educational base that supports it, and — last but not least — the freedom of scientific innovation. Nov 10, Carstairs, in “Why Is Man Aggressive? Increased access to education gives rise to its own specific problems.

Nancy 2 books view quotes. Even as it provokes violent antagonism to itself, it sets off expectations that are measured by American standards and that in most countries cannot be met until well into the next century.


To be sure, the fact that in the aftermath of World War II a number of nations were directly dependent on the United States in matters of security, politics, and economics created a system that in many respects, including that of scale, brzezinxki resembled the British, Roman, and Chinese empires of the techndtronic.

He publicly opposed the Gulf War[ citation needed ] arguing that the United States would squander the international goodwill it had accumulated by defeating the Soviet Union, and that it could trigger wide resentment throughout the Arab world.

Nov 24, Ships with Tracking Number!

Techneetronic is striking to note, for example, that while Western Europe still slightly exceeds the United States in the number of patents registered annually, industrial application of patents is roughly eight times higher in the United States.

And precisely because today change is so rapid gechnetronic so complex, it is perhaps more important brzezinsli ever before that our conduct of technefronic affairs be guided by a sense of history — and to speak of history in this context is to speak simultaneously of the past and of the future. The absence of accepted global institutions could temporarily be overcome by ad hoc arrangements and agreements designed to meet specific threats, but it is conceivable that in some cases there will not be sufficient unanimity to permit technetronix reactions.

Today, however, foreign affairs intrude upon a child or adolescent in the advanced countries in the form of disparate, sporadic, isolated — but involving — events: Today the framework is disintegrating and the insulants are dissolving. Institutionalized beliefs, the result of the merger of ideas and institutions, no longer appear to many as vital and relevant, while the skepticism that has contributed so heavily to the undermining of institutionalized beliefs now clashes with the new emphasis on passion and involvement.

The majority of ‘conflicts’ during these years have taken place in Africa, the Middle East and Asia, the so-called Third World. Social consequences were a later by-product of this paramount concern.

Zbigniew Brzezinski

Gabriel 2 books view quotes. In this way industry and the universities and private organizations are associated with the Government project” conclusion of a report prepared by the Secretariat of brzeznski OECD, Januaryas quoted by The New York Times, Brzezijski 13,p. To see what your friends thought of this quote, please sign up! The consequence is a new era — an era of the global political process.


Andelman, “Brzezinski and Mrs. Foreign Policy by John Mearsheimer. All of these factors make for a novel relationship between the United States and the world. The American Impact Initially, the impact of America on the world was largely idealistic: Polish politician Radek Sikorski wrote that to Poles, Brzezinski was considered “our statesman” and his was one of the most revered voices in Poland: Technftronic material may be challenged and removed.

During sra s and s, at techmetronic height of his political involvement, Brzezinski participated in the formation of the Trilateral Commission in order to more closely cement U. China was no longer considered part of a larger Sino-Soviet bloc but instead a third pole of power due to the Sino-Soviet Splithelping the United States against the Soviet Union.

At the beginning of the s the United States had more than 66 per cent of its age group enrolled in educational institutions; comparable figures for France and West Ger- many were about tschnetronic 1 per cent and 20 per cent, respectively.

Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. It was estimated that in global arms spending was 40 per cent greater than the world’s outlays for education and was more than three times greater than the world’s public-health budget.

Zbigniew Brzezinski – Wikipedia

This served as an opportunity for him to ask the Soviet government to acknowledge the truth about the event, for which he received a standing ovation in the Soviet Academy of Sciences. An early warning training tape generating indications of a large-scale Soviet nuclear attack had somehow transferred to the actual early warning network, which triggered an all-too-real scramble.

Though currently the clash is over values — with many of the young rejecting those of their elders, who in turn contend that the young have evaded the responsibility of articulating theirs — in the future the clash between generations will be also over expertise.

It is an attempt to define the meaning — within a dynamic framework — of a major aspect of our contemporary reality: Intelligence, technological innovation and progress dwarf social status and prestige.