Building an Equity Millipede Shows you how to take low risk trades which could potentially run for years. No Free Lunch but All the Coffee You Can Drink Shows. Building an Equity millipede: Long Term Position Trading. Post by dietcoke» Wed Sep 04, pm. I love this thread over on FF by Pipeasy. Swing-trade your way to a baby equity millipede (pipEasy) has one of the most successful threads running – ‘Building an equity millipede’.

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Memes Memes are really not that welcome here. I have been thinking of going down to M15 currently trading 4HRbut I have no idea how to wait for the signals since I am following about 20 pairs.

The FB inputs allow you a trading time frame and a higher time frame that are entirely independent of the of the chart you are viewing; these default to the H4 and D1.

This requires discipline, patience, and the ability to calmly watch paper profits disappear. How to use EA’s.

This includes posts that state “PM me for details”. If 20X risk is reached and the trend looks very strong, and the risk was low in pip terms, consider using a volatility-based ideally chandelier trailing stop.

Is an EA even plausible for this method? Hi Dc, Thanks for sharing. There are a plethora of subs devoted to the various crypto topics. We are looking for very large profit targets, which can take weeks or months to develop. If you’re really only posting here to bring attention to yourself or your site, regardless of the context or how “free” the content is, you shouldn’t post it here. Then Chong asked me to include a higher time frame FB consideration and only trade in the direction of that following a signal on the trading time frame, also restarting the M sequence on a change of trading direction or the closure of an x number of trades in the basket reaching breakeven.


In order to lessen the amount of losses, if the trade is still open 24 hours after the time when the entry is triggered, close the trade if it is showing a loss, or if it is showing a profit, move the stop to break even. You are going to have to expect lengthy periods of draw down.

Therefore you are going to need to let winners run for at least 20 units of risk usually at least pips before taking any profit. Refrain from equitty crypto. If it is in loss, close the trade immediately without waiting for the stop to be hit. Trading rules for sell trades opposite for buys 4 hour chart.

You must be willing to explain your analysis and reasoning for the trade.

Building an Equity Millipede : Forex

To turn off the htf FB, set it to the same time frame as that of the trading time frame. If you are watching 6 pairs, you will have milllipede where a trade is triggered on all 6 pairs.

In conclusion Have fun. Bit hasty to judge someone’s trading ability based on the pairs he trades. Trade at the open of a new candle following a ‘Flying Budda’.

This sub deals with fiat currencies backed by governments. A better reversal-detection signal might be bhilding to improve the W: You should expect a high proportion of trades that either fail quickly or only travel a few pips in your favour.

Subreddit Rules:

Further diversify successful stacks when daily momentum nuilding off in order to maintain account balance and So, how to refine it further and create a worthy edge?


Abusive posters will be banned. Your thoughts are welcome This strategy seeks to enter right at the beginning of a long-term trend.

Do your own analysis. Also, any conspiracy thought about crypto replacing Forex is considered a troll post and will see that poster escorted out. I found that trade is taken when the flying buddha is formed on both higher and lower time frame.

If position sizing is a problem for you, you might want to pick only the trade that looks the strongest, especially if it is set-up against both the dollar and the yen. In other words look for low risk entries, here is an EA which basically does nothing but look for potential turning points and then opens speculative positions with tight stop loss.

If it is in profit, move the stop to break even. A fast break of the inside bar is additional potential confirmation.

I love this thread over on FF by Pipeasy. The thread mentions a number of posible entry methods: Trading this robot without understanding its underlying trading strategies guarantees traders will lose their money. Additionally, the shorter-term moving average must be above the longer-term moving millipdee when the Flying Buddha closes above them both in order for it to be a valid bearish Flying Buddha, and vice-versa for a bullish flying Buddha.

Overall trading direction There is a panoply of trend-detection eqiity for deciding on the direction of your trades.