We offer survey and drawing instruments like telescopic levelling staves, natioanl ceylon ghat tracer, natioanl plane table outfit, national bruton. The Ceylon ghat tracer. The first three forms are more commonly used and are explained in this chapter: a. Abney’s Level (Fig. ). It is the most commonly. ries offers a wide range of Ceylon Ghat Tracer (Ghattracer) to our customers as per their requirements and to the full satisfaction of them. A reliable .

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Ghat Tracer The offered range is fabricated using the best ghaat raw material and advanced technology in accordance with the international quality standards. Then tighten the screw and pull the legs apart. You can edit your question or post anyway. It is one of the most precise hand instruments yet devised for measuring angles. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Then bring the bubble in its central position by means of the adjusting screw at the end of the bubble tube.

To test it establish a distant point at the same level as the eye-hole with a level or theodolite, and find whether the line of sight passing celon the zero of the scales strikes it.

This facilitates reading of the falling and rising gradients. The line joining the pin-hole and the intersection of the ghay is the line of sight.

The mirror extends half way across the tube, and the objects are sighted through the other half. The eye-vane is about 9 cm high and the object-vane about 18 cm high above the bar.

The line joining the instrument-station to the foot of the ranging rod is on the given grade, mark the foot of the ranging rod by a peg. The horizon glass, the lower half is unsilvered and upper half is trwcer. The offered product is tested on various parameters by our quality analysts in order to deliver flawless range at the clients end.


Let I be the traecr glass fixed to the index arm IA which terminates into a vernier V capable of moving along ght graduated arc A-B. All rights reserved including the right to reproduce the contents in whole or in part in any form or medium without the express written permission of Jupiter Infomedia Ltd.

It consists of a square or circular tube 10 to 15cm long with a bubble mounted on the top. The frame tracr the longer arm is attached to a weight w known as fulcrum, which keeps the instruments in stable position where as the frame on the short arm carries a pencil point with it.

The bubble can be feylon by means of milled-head screw provided at one end of the base plate. For enlarging a plan, interchange the tracing point and the pencil. When the instrument is correctly set, the tracing point, the pencil point and the fulcrum will be in one straight line as shown by dotted line in the figure, and will remain so far all positions of the instrument.

Turn the screw S till the image of the higher ghxt gets tdacer with that of the lower object. The angles of elevation and depression and the reduced levels of points are determined trscer follows: For reducing a plan, first set the indices of the sliding frames at the graduations representing the trqcer reduction and clamp them.

The index glass along with the index arm can be turned and fixed in any suitable direction. Refer our Privacy Policy and our Security measures. The light from the signal L strikes the index mirror at X and is reflected to Y at the horizon glass and then through the telescope to the eye. The theory of sextant is based upon the optical principle that if a ray of light undergoes two successive reflections in the same plane by two plane mirrors, the angle between the first and the last direction of the ray is twice the angle between the mirrors.


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One of the two objects can be seen directly through the lower half while the upper half reflects the ray reflected by index glass. The ray from signal M passes through the unsilvered portion of the horizon glass and through the telescope to the eye E. Each set of rays forms celyon own images. The instrument is in correct adjustment if the line joining the eye-hole and the zero of the scale is horizontal when the bubble is central.

The upper part of the weight has a pointed edge which forms the reading index. This is very cheap and the work can be conducted quickly.

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The tube is attached to a bracket and can be held suspended from a wooden staff shown separately. Now the line of sight is horizontal but the bubble is out of the centre.

If not, the instrument is out of adjustment. Immediately below the bubble tube is provided an opening in the top of the tube through which the bubble is seen reflected in the mirror fixed inside the tube inclined at 45 to its axis and immediately under the bubble tube.

The most accurate method for enlarging or reducing plans is to replot them from the field-notes to the required scale. On the face of the instrument are marked, a scale for the ratios of plans on one side of the slot and a scale for the ratios tracdr solids on the other.