Zero Degree [Charu Nivedita] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fiction. South Asia Studies. Translated from the Tamil by Pritham K. Zero Degree (Tamil Edition) [Charu Nivedita] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fiction. South Asia Studies. Translated from the Tamil by. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Charu Nivedita grew up in rural Tamil Nadu and spent twelve years working in Delhi before moving to Chennai. He has.

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Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. For how long can this debate prolong? His subsequent Kamarooba Kathaigal is just a ditto. Customers who bought this item also bought. I read all those novels in Tamil. Even if someone responds with just a full stop, he licks his tongue and starts writing passages of junk: They are either government clerks or the owner of petty shops, and write in their idle time at work.

Who is sick you or him? As far as I see it, Rajesh is telling you what he thinks to your face. The dictatorship came to an end. That divide of fiction and reality, the divorcing of writers from their political stances is a major issue he wishes to elaborate on.

So let charu live in the days when puranas were created. This is not a place for wisecracks like you, dude. Dude, you need to differentiate between hype and discourse.

Zero Degree

ccharu I am not trying to be a saint here but there are many issues in India which needs immediate attention like food, healthcare, education, etc for people living in fringes of the society. In my last comment, I said that the classification in contemporary Tamil literature proposed by Charu is not valid.


Did you know that Su. I am yet to see a facebook or twitter reference in the main stay literature, but the e-mails, blog entries, the internet uploads and cellphone transcripts have become common. He zeri write any story other than perverted sex. It jumps between incidents. They are just what they are, and I can agree to disagree with you on that.

To which Surya responded, what do you mean by nation?

Well, was it because he was stating things that I don’t want to hear? As a biologist, I think his understanding is not consistent with the laws of nature.

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I degrew the same purpose in life. Cricketyai Munn Vaithu …. In the preface to the Malayalam translation, the famous writer Zacharia heaps praise on the novel. Takes you to your breaking point. This was a welcome change, with certain limitations like the local idioms not withstanding.

In the days when Muniyandi was a part of the literati scene, a theatre troupe from Mexico visited Chennai and asked if it was possible to meet him; was he in the nation? Aug 30, Pechi rated it it was amazing.

Incest, Genocides, racial cleaning, Prostitution, Eve teasing, child molestation, rape, murder all are because of people like you, you think there is only one way and that is your way. The violence, sex, and mindless nature of the society are just simple constructs degres elicit shock among the readers, and the name dropping is meant to delude the reader into believing that there is more meaning in these words than their marketing value.

Yet all you keep harping on is the sex stuff — edgree you see beyond that? Some time I felt like its close to penthouse stories.


It is said to be written as a transgressive fiction in a non-linear way. However, how many times has Charu threatened and spewed venom on people degre Manush, Jayamohan, S.

One fine day, the hyperlink vanished. For example, as a movie critic, you end up watching the good, bad nievdita the ugly but you prevent people from wasting their hard earned money on the ugly movie.

You see, some women can read beyond the obvious and think about what the subtext is. First of all, there is Surya who wanted to write a novelization of the life of Muniyandi, and dedicate it to his daughter, Genesis; he made pages and pages of notes, and pasted in lots of clippings from the daily newspapers.

He has published four novels, two short story collections, and several collections of essays in Tamil. These perceptions aside, a writer has no societal role whatsoever; no moral obligation to respect long established conventions of decency. Now I know who belongs to the nviedita category. With its mad patchwork of phone sex conversations, nightmarish torture scenes, tender love poems, numerology, mythology, and compulsive name-dropping of Latin American intellectuals, Charu Degreee novel ZERO DEGREE stands out as a groundbreaking work of Tamil transgressive fiction that unflinchingly probes the deepest psychic wounds of humanity.

It sums up my understanding of degrde literary writing and how it differs significantly from porn.