Communio et progressio: full text, concordances and frequency lists. pastoral instruction for social communication “Communio et Progressio” officially dated The first draft of “Communio et Progressio” was proposed by the Jesuit. Our world is fast progressing especially in the field of science and technology. As we all know, the Catholic Church is the guardian and.

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The Catholic Church had learned a lot from its previous encounter in dealing with the social communication. Further, it is wise to see that important decisions and statements be made available in advance, using time embargo on publication. Indeed, whenever public good is at stake, discretion and discrimination and careful judgement should be used in the progreswio of news.

Communicators have, therefore, a most important part to play in forming public opinion.

Those whose job it is to give news have a most difficult cojmunio responsible role to play. Member feedback about Pontifical Council for Social Communications: To conclude, social communication is really a big help and really a gift from progressoi ultimate source of intelligence and wisdom that should be protected from evil means.

It should be recalled that many great works recognized as the products of genius, particularly in music, drama and literature, were first presented to the public as entertainment. Every effort should be progrezsio to use the most appropriate technique and style in fitting a communication to its medium. Those forms of aid which emerging nations need to develop their own means of social communication are of great importance among the many forms of international effort which the media demand.

Pastoral Instruction “Communio et Progressio” on the means of Social Communication

It is obvious that the communicators in the media who wish to excel, need a serious and specialized training in every aspect of their work. How often is the role of women in business or professional life depicted as a masculine caricature, a denial of the specific gifts of feminine insight, compassion, and understanding, which so greatly contribute to the ‘civilization of love’?

We are not asking of you that you should play the part of moralists. This adaptation calls for frequent decisions that should be made with a full knowledge of events.

Communio et Progressio

It is a most useful complement to the audio-visual means of communication. Advertisers are selective about the progrfssio and attitudes to be fostered and encouraged, promoting some while ignoring others.


They need all these so that they can use discrimination in choosing from the publications, films and broadcasts that are set before them. It makes its presence felt everywhere; its influence is unavoidable. If harmful or utterly useless goods are touted to the public, if false assertions are made about the goods for sale, if less admirable human tendencies are progressioo, those responsible for such advertising harm society and forfeit their good name and credibility.

Their organizations need not be set up with the single end of giving expression to what the man in the street feels about the products of the media. Yet it also can do, and often does, grave harm to individuals and progreszio the common good.

According to the ground rules laid down in Inter Mirifica this duty comjunio upon every Bishops in every diocese, 65 upon a special commission of Bishops or a Bishop-Delegate in each country 66 and, for the Universal Church, upon the Pontifical Commission for Social Communications.

They will try to collate all the findings of research, themselves play a part in this research, and make all of it available to the service of Christian education.

They help in religious education and in the Church’s active commitment in the world. It is highly recommended that professionals in the media or their institutions set up councils on their commumio account. Communio et progressio is a pastoral instruction of the Roman Catholic Churchissued by the Pontifical Council for Social Communications on 23 May There should be a desire to build not to destroy. But, also like media in general, it is a mirror that helps shape the reality it reflects, and sometimes it presents a distorted image of reality.

What they do have a right progresssio duty progresio expect, however, is that a rapid and clear correction should follow any mistake or misrepresentation that has found its way into a report.

Communio et Progressio – Wikipedia

It is true they present difficulties but these must be faced and overcome. It also through social communication that makes world globalized and become one big family connected through social networking and others and making farthest distance nearer through social networking.

The result of this is that they rt their resources and neglect their real needs and genuine development falls behind. Of course the mode of presentation has to suit the special nature of the medium being used. They must be convinced that integrity and incorruptibility are the essence of their profession. These means, in fact, serve to build new relationships and to fashion a new language which permits men to know themselves better and to understand one another more easily.


In this way, they will make a special and significant contribution to human progress and to the common good.

It is never too early to start encouraging in children artistic taste, a keen critical faculty and a sense of personal responsibility that is based on sound morality. This applies today more than ever before now that man’s intellect and genius are often enough served more by teamwork than by individual effort. Nevertheless, let them trust the young dommunio these have been born and have grown up in a different kind of society.

Pontifical Council for Social Communications

Again, the good name of the private citizen and of minority groups needs the protection of the law. It can be divided into specialized and reasonably autonomous departments for each of the separate media.

Otherwise they will lack that familiarity with the media which their actual use requires. The result of this is that they waste their resources and neglect their real needs, and genuine development falls behind”. Unfortunately, this divine command is not being carried out anymore but rather the opposite. Xommunio, the codes of these associations ought to be positive.

Progfessio will keep in touch with the other national episcopal commissions and collaborate with the Pontifical Commission for Social Communications. The recipients of information should have a eg conception of the predicament of those that purvey information.

An unrelieved diet of productions geared to the lowest cultural level within a population would tend to debase the taste of those who have already attained a higher level.

The result of this is that the social media becomes relative in a sense that they are the ones who dictates us what is good or bad. They can record them so that they can be seen and heard again and again and make them accessible even in districts where the old traditions have vanished.

They are warmly urged progrewsio undertake this work, which has consequences that are far more important than is usually imagined.