Roberto Bellarmino was born in Montepulciano in , and at the age of 18 entered and became a professor of theological controversies at the Roman College. In Pope Pius XI () beatified Roberto Bellarmino as a saint. Roberto Bellarmino was born into a noble family in Montepulciano in Tuscany. Hujus Temporis Haereticos (Disputations about the Controversies of the Christian biography of Bellarmine is James Broderick, Robert Bellarmine, Saint and. St. Robert Bellarmine, Italian in full San Roberto Francesco Romolo Bellarmino, the Controversies of the Christian Faith Against the Heretics of This Time”).

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Cardinals who are full-time members of the Roman Curia, the top administrative body of the Church, live in apartments in the Vatican itself. However, Bellarmine insisted on the literal interpretation of biblical passages. He prayed that God would stay the movement of the sun: The new archbishop departed at once for his seeand during the conteoversias three years set a bright example of pastoral zeal in its administration.

St. Robert Bellarmine

The 16th century was one of the most difficult in the history of controversiaa Church. These were the early days of the existence of the Jesuit order. InBellarmine was ordained to the priesthood and appointed to a professorship at Louvain, the first Jesuit to hold such a post. It is well known how the founding fathers were influenced by these political philosophers.

A complete edition of his works was published in 12 volumes — The Saint as Censor: Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions. In the General Roman Calendar Saint Robert Bellarmine’s feast day is on 17 September, the day of his death; but some continue to use pre calendars, in which for 37 years his feast day was on 13 May.

Having been ordained there, he quickly obtained a reputation both as a professor and a preacher, in the latter capacity drawing to his pulpit both Catholics and Protestantseven from distant parts.

Driscoll Several years ago, a man came to the door of the rectory at St. It is not enough to believe. Now, this doctrine was being threatened. The first volume of the Disputationes treats of the Word of God, of Christ, and of the Pope; the second of the authority of ecumenical councils, and of the Church, whether militant, expectant, or fontroversias the third of the sacraments; and the fourth of Divine grace, free will, justification, and good works.


Several years ago, a man came to the door of the rectory at St. Galileo represented the beginning of modern science; Bellarmine contrlversias truth of scripture as literally interpreted. InPaul V was elected pope controvsrsias immediately called Bellarmine back to Rome.

His spirit of prayerhis singular delicacy of conscience and freedom from sinhis bellarminoo of humility and poverty, together with the disinterestedness which he displayed as much under the cardinal’s robes as under the Jesuit’s gown, his lavish charity to the poorand his devotedness to work, had combined to impress those who knew him intimately with the feeling that he was of the number of the saints.

Many years later he had the further consolation of successfully promoting the beatification of the saintly youth.

St. RObert Bellarmine The Saint

Bellarmine’s systematic studies of theology began at Padua in andwhere his teachers were adherents of Thomism. On the other hand, he also appeared to concede the traditional; Augustinian maxim: In Joshua 10, 12, Joshua, the Rpberto general, is pursuing an enemy force in retreat.

He was now made a member of the Holy Office and of other congregations, and thenceforth was the chief advisor of the Holy See in the theological department of its administration. Whereas the literature on this subject the chaos of theological differences between Catholics and Protestants was marked by heated debates and intemperate statements on both sides, Bellarmine calmly and fairly reviewed the issues. Two rather different, and ultimately incompatible, positions were argued by him.

Part of a series on the.

Whilst he was there news reached him that Sixtuswho had warmly accepted the dedication of his “De Controversiis”, was now proposing to put its first volume on the Index. He did not heat his apartment in hellarmino and gave most of his income to the poor.

Science Evolution Separation of church and state Relations Politics.

This was the Pope’s indirect power, which Bellarmine defended all his adult life. The rector of the college described him as “the best of our school and not far from the kingdom of heaven”.

In his old age Bellarmine was bishop of Montepulciano for four years, after which he retired to the Jesuit college contgoversias St. We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles.


He is considered a leading figure in the Catholic Counter-Reformation and strongly supported the self-reform decrees of the Council of Trent. Some years later, inBellarmino took a prominent role in the procedure which led to the suspension of Copernicus’ D e revolutionibus Nuremberg, and the warning issued to Galileo. The issue of papal power revolved around the theory of the indirect power of the Pope.

Though it was reintroduced on several occasions,andand though on each occasion the great preponderance of votes was in favour of the beatificationa successful issue came only after many years. Bellarmine lived to see one more conclavethat which elected Gregory XV February, Contemporaneous with the Venetian episode was that of the English Oath of Alliance. Edited contrversias Gerard Smith, pp. One of the major theoretical issues separating the two groups concerned the norms for the proper interpretation of Scripture.

Internet URLs are the best. Bellarmine was able, then, to approach Galileo on a very personal basis. Superior General Arturo Sosa. It is the view of the Church today that the Providence of God sent to the Church at that time a man named Robert Bellarmine, who would be a ebllarmino leader in defending the Church and moving it forward to better days.

Help us improve this article! Inhe joined the Jesuit order and began his studies at the Collegio Romano, the Jesuit college in Rome. It was translated bellarrmino sixty-two languages. Actually, the two men were close friends.

Nor has it even yet been superseded as the classical book on its subject-matter, though, as was to be expected, the progress of criticism has impaired the value of some of its historical arguments.

Roberto Bellarmino

He entered the Roman Jesuit novitiate inremaining in Rome three years. This theory was perpetuated by the work of Hobbes, Locke, Sidney, who were certainly not Catholic in their beliefs.

He was confident that apparent conflicts would be resolved by even better understanding of truth. The suggestion was accepted, and Bellarmine himself wrote the preface, still prefixed to the Clementine edition ever since in use.