Product Code: CQI Pricing requirements your organization needs to follow to develop a weld management system that provides for continual improvement, . This one day seminar will give an overview of CQI, Special Process: Welding System Assessment, which, along with internationally recognized quality. AIAG CQI Special Process: Welding System Assessment.

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Has the logic been established to effectively identify and address process or equipment faults? Process control parameters shall be monitored per frequencies established in the control plan. Enter Y if this facility welds components for companies other than their own company. All team members involved in the welding management system would benefit from this seminar. If applicable, is there an inter-locking of the previous operation and has the quality of parts been verified?

Process Controls and Confirmation 6. Quality System Document Page. The primary More information.

The welding organization shall contact the customer when clarification of process changes is required. If Not Satisfactory findings were observed from the original assessment, then the weld organization shall address each item and determine correct action, including root cause analysis and implementation of the corresponding corrective action s.

CQI-15. Special Process: Welding System Assessment

In the Requirements and Guidance column, the word wedling indicates a requirement and the term such as indicates that any suggestions given are for guidance only. Are plant cleanliness, housekeeping, environmental and working conditions conducive to control and improved quality?

Enter N if the company does not weld any components for their own company. An action plan shall exist to address the steps to be followed in case capability indices fall outside customer requirements or established ranges. Company Quality Manual Document No. February 1, This requirements document has been prepared by the National Biodiesel Accreditation Commission.


Ian Parris Company Address: Does the Quality Manager or designee authorize the disposition of material from quarantine status? Documented fixture set-up i.

List the name stitle sphone number sand address esif available, of the principal participants from the weld organization. The WSA can also be used between an organization and its suppliers. The quality management system shall include a documented process for reprocessing and repair that shall wleding authorization from a customer designated individual.

If there is no common phone number for the facility, the phone number of the Operations Manager or Quality Manager shall be used. This standard More information. Logic ewlding been established to effectively identify and address process or equipment faults With over rides or resets, logs must be maintained Weld faults audible, visible and line shut down.

CQI Special Process: Welding System Assessment – PDF

There are other reference materials that contain more information, however, the list is not meant to be inclusive. This person shall be a full-time employee and the position shall be reflected in the organization chart. Copyright infringement is a violation of federal law subject to criminal and civil penalties. The current version is always the version on the Lockheed Martin network at: Revision Date Author Description of change. Example, any combination of tolerances as defined by Process Tables.

February 1, This requirements document has been prepared by the National Biodiesel Accreditation Commission, More information. The analysis of products or processes over time can yield vital information for defect prevention efforts. The word should indicates a recommendation. At weld cycle interrupt, part must not be removed or passed until dispositioned by appropriate personnel Calibration of meters and system controls. Automotive Industry Action Group makes no claim to any trademark of a third party.


Welding System Assessments (CQI-15)

Has a preventative maintenance program been established and documented? Preferably, safety or critical parts should be audited.

Number of Employees at this Facility: The Control Plans shall be written for each part or part family or they may be process-specific and written for each process. Non-welded, in-process, and finished product shall be properly segregated and identified. Quality Management System General Requirement: Type s of Weld Processing at this Facility: Procedures shall exist addressing proper disposition, product identification, and tracking of material flow in and out of the hold area.

Assessor shall possess knowledge of and be familiar with the application of automotive quality core tools including statistical process control, measurement systems analysis, part approval, failure mode and effects analysis, and advanced quality planning.

This should be done preferably on a part identified for one of the customers requiring compliance to this document. AIAG s goals are to reduce cost and complexity through collaboration; improve product quality, health, safety and the environment; and optimize speed to market throughout the supply chain.

Four Process Tables have been developed and the appropriate table s is to be referenced during the assessment. The manual includes all CS locations More information.

CQI | Welding System Assessments

Are the meters and feed back controls calibrated per established frequencies? Name of the facility weldinf assessed. If the observed evidence is not in compliance to the question, then the assessor shall note the non-compliance in the Objective Evidence column and place a check mark in the Not Satisfactory column.