So I admit I’m a bit old fashioned as far D&D lore is concerned. Since I made the jump from 2nd to 5th, my planar lore is mostly of Planescape. Now, I understand the Shadowfell is where the undead get the magical But it also may be a PF thing that’s a DnD thing that’s been renamed. The ash of the drained Shadowfell dead clings to you. Like glitter, you can always seem to find some. You smell like ash too. Your breath is always visible, like.

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Find out what you can do. All times are GMT What does the Negative Plane do in this new cosmological order? The Shadowfell is a parallel plane with dimensions and topography similar to the mortal world. Anything intelligent with a Shadow origin, including undead powerful enough to hide from or resist the Raven Queen, would make sense. It’s the opposite of the Feywild, where the Feywild is a realm of constant change, how do you introduce stasis?

Nobody really rules Shadowfell.

So, Shadowfell, who rules it and who lives in it?

Still, I kinda feel they are supposed to be the “planar connectors” between upper planes positive plane and lower planes negative plane. Common folk make signs against evil or whisper a shadowfell prayer before continuing down dim streets, so strong is the fear that the Shadowfell evokes.

Last edited by Excession; at It’s funny how said messy structure generated a campaign setting which has an entire sub-fandom of players devoted d&f it and who hold it in absurdly high regard, with it also producing one of the greatest computer role-playing games of all time in the process. Apparently, it borrows things from other settings, such as the names of certain gods.


In base 4e lore, the Shadowfell was where the Primordials put all the bits that were “too dark” while the Feywild got the bright bits while they were crafting the world. We have the living on the Prime Material, but the building blocks of life still come from the Positive Energy Plane.

D&D’s Shadowfell and Feywild Explained

This murky land spawned beings of its own and drew others from different parts of the cosmos. You might go to the Shadowfell, and then lose track of your quest. So I would say that FR’s version shadowffell the boring one.

Undeath was as much a perversion of the forces of death as it was one of the forces of life, but Orcus’ influence on the Shadowfell was great despite zhadowfell Raven Queen’s efforts.

Crude shrines erected to Orcus and hidden temples to Vecna, for example, might offer entry into Shadowfell. Are there denizens who populate it? So I have read the other question and done of its answers So the Feywild does have a nefarious side to it? You lose all emotion. It is a plane dimmed and dulled by a pervasive and xhadowfell pall. You know, the challenge in the Shadowfell is how do you fight through that, it’s dolorous nature, right.

Shadar-Kai are the most prominent race living there, but all the PC races can be found there in some numbers. It’s where everything just goes to just stop. shadkwfell

Except that several adventures actually feature it as a location, and its relationship to the other planes has also been used in various ways. Since “Shadowfell” is new with 4E, and Stranger Things is decidedly s-themed, this seems unlikely.


You might start, yourself, just repeating the same thing. There’s one clear difference though: It is paranoia and fear. Travelers can also activate dormant crossing points using the Shadow Passage ritual, which is easier than creating a new portal or using the Planar Portal ritual.

It’s a wilderness and it’s a shadoefell realm of the Fey. Check out the 4e source material about shwdowfell Shadowfell. That was so much fun to work on, because then it just suddenly a lot of these creatures Undead and things with the Shadow origin will rarely seem out of place.

The vampire lord Strahd, and the Ravenloft area, were put in there 4e I believe. Why is this a thing: It could be the haven of the undead, but the Negative Plane and Orcus cover that. There are no simmering resentments, there’s just, you know, straight up blood feuds and then, you know, super deep, unbreakable ties that can give way to, you know, utter deep hatreds.

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D&D’s Shadowfell and Feywild Explained – Posts – D&D Beyond

If you want to see some art here is my instagram https: Neither one is, like, has a plan. A sinking city along the coast of a vast and stormy sea, it is a popular port for seafaring ships and planar travelers alike. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. You think of Shadowfelll, he plays out the same story over and over again.

As a 2e lore junkie, here is my take: