Example 6 1 Rectangular Water Tank Design – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. leakage. This project gives in brief, the theory behind the design of liquid retaining structure (Elevated circular water tank with domed roof and conical base). and further guidance on seismic design methods for storage tanks larger tanks, and as such the seismic design for these larger storage tanks.

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For small capacities circular tanks prove uneconomical as the formwork for circular tanks is very costly. Area of steel required at center of BC Shear taken by two bars of 32 mm. Provide 4 bars of 32 mm. The walls of the underground tanks are subjected to internal water pressure and outside earth pressure. The tank will be supported on 8 columns, spaced at 4 m. Call Send a quick message. In case the width of tank wall is less than half the height of tank, it is designed spanning horizontally and fixed at the junctions.

Permissible Stresses in Steel a For resistance to cracking.

As the soil is saturated, the angle of friction of submerged soil will be low. As the ratio of length to breadth of slab is greater than 2, slab will span in shorter direction. In designing the roof, allowance should be made for the temporary condition of some spans loaded and other spans unloaded, even though in the final state the load may be small and evenly distributed.

M at center of AB 14, M for various heights are found by interpolation from Table And we are proud to be the one of the best people in the field of civil engineering. These four tak can be solved for four constant. Remember me on this computer. At top the shear force and B. Overhead Tanks These tanks may be rectangular or circular.


To avoid the possibility of sympathetic cracking it is important to ensure that movement joints in the roof correspond with those in the walls, if roof and walls are monolithic.

Water pressure acting from inside and no earth pressure acting from outside. The bottom of tank is 12 m. It is a movement joint with deliberate discontinuity without initial gap between the concrete on either side of the joint. Steel required for – ve B.

water tank design example | Ravindra Ranatunga Ranatunga –

When the range of temperature is small, for example, in certain covered structures, or where restraint is small, for example, in certain elevated structures none of the movement joints provided in small structures up to 45m.

Rise of 1 m. Our services involved architecture and well as RCC design of the Tank, specifications, bill of quantities and tender documents, selection of contractor, project monitoring and supervision, laying r.c.c.overheqd safety standards and ensuring that they r.c.c.overrhead met, bill checking and certification. Area of steel provided.

Circular Tanks Fixed at Base and Free at top. Minimum Cover to Reinforcement. The walls are designed for these moments. Stresses due to drying Shrinkage or Temperature Change. In strength calculations the permissible stress shall be as follows: The risk of cracking can also be minimised by reducing the restraint on the free expansion of the structure with long walls or slab founded at or below ground r.c.c.ovsrhead, restraint can be minimised by the provision of a sliding layer.


The tanks may be covered on top. Earth pressure watre base will be due to water pressure plus due to submerged weight of soil.

In the approximate method of design of circular tanks it is assumed that some portion of the tank at base acts as cantilever and thus some load at bottom is taken by the cantilever effect. Stresses are very small. The permissible tensile stresses due to bending apply to the face of the member in contact with the liquid. Joints are classified as given below. Permissible Stresses in Concrete. As the tamk is designed on membrane theory, the tank wall is assumed free at top.

Overhead RCC Water Tanks Construction

The reinforcement is reduced linearly towards top. The design principles of underground tanks are same as for tanks resting on the dater. The dome shall be supported at its bottom on the ring beam which shall be designed for resultant circumferential tension in addition to vertical loads. Design a circular tank having diameter of 6 m.

Design of long wall 1.

While designing the walls of rectangular or r.c.c.overhdad concrete tanks, the following points should be borne in mind. Let T be tension. The tank is covered with domed roof. At the top shear force and bending moment will be zero.