DB Standard & ˚ Oscillation Units. OPERATING & PARTS MANUAL .. The DustBoss units utilize a ducted fan with an efficient water spray manifold and. Support – DB Owner’s Manuals. DB Owner’s Manuals. Owner’s Manual. Support. Top · Updates & Drivers · Owner’s Manuals · Support Documents. The DustBoss DB Fusion is a powerful dust-suppression system with an efficient diesel generator that can be hauled to job sites that lack a.

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The control measures are intended to prevent dust from becoming airborne and migrating from the site, thereby protecting workers, the environment and the surrounding community. We are going through similar growing pains as the paper and plastics recycling industries, when they first got started, but need to close the loop to manage our non-renewable aggregate resources more sustainably.

A Midwest demolition company has employed high-performance dust suppression technology from Dust Control Technology, Peoria, Ill. Member companies are interested in expanding opportunities for recycling aggregates by permitting more recycling facilities, especially in pits and quarries where companies can better utilize mined primary aggregates by mixing them with re-processed material.

The firm has accomplished it with the help of a tower-mounted DustBoss DB, sent in a modified shipping that stabilizes the unit and protects electronics. Its systems use air to convey dust and dry materials, such as dusboss, film and fractions of paper and plastic, which can be very costly and difficult to remove from the material streams. The 40,square-foot facility has been permitted as both a medical waste treatment facility, using an autoclave, and as a transfer station for medical, pharmaceutical and trace chemotherapy waste of up to 82 tons per day.

Processed properly, these aggregates meet all db-0 requirements and provide a suitable alternative to primary aggregates which come directly from pits and quarries. The DB covered a huge area with a very fine mist. It is described this way: Add new comment Your name.

Home News Current Page. Sterling city officials have noted the lack of nuisance dust from the site, and visiting EPA representatives have been impressed by the results, according to DCT. What code is in the image? Sharps dusbtoss has announced receiving a permit from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Bureau of Waste Management for the processing of medical waste at a treatment facility located in northeastern Pennsylvania.

With the establishment of our Northeast-based treatment facility, we believe Sharps has strengthened its market position in the route-based business to service areas which encompass about million people, or 31 percent of the U.


Nearly a third of the temperature ddb-60 the surface of dustgoss sun, newly delivered slag — approximately 2, to 3, degrees Fahrenheit — is db-0, cooled, mixed and cured by a combination of water, front loader and time. Recyclable material is sorted from the rubble by an excavator outfitted with a hydraulic magnet, separating steel from the debris.

Shielein also notes issues with the manual approach. The unit can be set up to run potable water and dusttboss also be outfitted with a selection of filters to handle non-potable water sources.

Latest unit combines a trailer-mounted dust suppressor with a 45kW generator set. We look forward to improving and continuing dudtboss successful partnership.

This volume-certification process allows pre-certification of green stores at the design, construction and operational strategy level.

The units are far more effective and efficient than sprinklers or manual spraying, with some customers realizing payback in less than six months. The CP Group offers equipment for single-stream recycling, waste to energy, construction and demolition, municipal solid waste, electronic scrap and green waste sorting systems.

Dust Control Technology launch new DustBoss DB Fusion | Agg-Net

Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. During the workshops the public will have the opportunity to have the draft regulations explained and to hear about the purposes behind the new regulations, as well as discuss current issues related to universal recycling compliance.

Sessions held the following two days will cover critical topics of interest to collectors, processors and traders who handle plastic scrap within and outside of Europe.

Houston-based Sharps Compliance Corporationa provider of waste management services for the medical, pharmaceutical and hazardous waste sectors, has reported revenue and profits in its fiscal fourth quarter that are down from the comparable period in The standard unit travels at a rate of 1 degree per second to provide ideal coverage, and the oscillator features a quick-release handle that allows the barrel to be repositioned in seconds, without using any tools.

The device can also be customized with alternative nozzle options for db-6 applications. The diesel engine delivers V 60Hz with a full load current of 46 amps. We look forward to continuing this partnership and expanding these resources into the market to provide better solutions to our existing and future clients.

Dust Control Technology is a global leader in dust and odor sb-60 solutions for coal, demolition, aggregate processing, slag handling, material recycling, ports and shipping and other applications. The ARO estimates nearly 3 million metric tons of recyclable concrete, asphalt and aggregate have been recovered from GTA construction sites are currently sitting in piles to be processed.

The plant closed operations in Their service matches the quality of the equipment. The new design can even dudtboss specified with a high-lift pump for drawing water from a stationary source, such as a private pond.


BossTek (formally known as Dust Control Technology)

At a forum held Dec. IronHustler uses the data to determine and verify contamination and ensure proper material handling.

Asbestos-containing materials, such as Transite pipe and other contaminants, are taken to an environmental landfill. Designed for large open-air applications such as mines, coal handling plants and aggregate operations, the unit delivers effective particle control in a highly-mobile platform that can be positioned directly at the source of dust-generating activities, even on sites without an available power supply.

According to DCT, this innovation brings greater versatility to one of the most popular and effective dust-suppression designs on the market, delivering up to 62, square feet of coverage.

Fire hoses and couplings are supplied and stored in easy-access tool boxes, along with a spare set of nozzles and basic tools.

Dust Boss | Equipment | Oakwood

Three speakers have been scheduled for the session, each with experience and ties to ASR plastics recycling: The equipment can be purchased outright or rented from an extensive fleet. Following the close of the quarter, Sharps also announced the acquisition of Brooklyn, New York-based Citiwaste LLC, which it describes as a full service, route-based provider of medical, pharmaceutical and hazardous waste services to more than 5, customer locations in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Retail sales for the fiscal year were negatively impacted by a mild flu season, says Sharps, but positively impacted by the launch of the TakeAway Medication Recovery System envelopes by some retail customers.

Atomization can introduce more droplets into the air than hoses or sprinklers, using a fraction of the water volume. Some facilities have had to close their yards to new deliveries, because there is just no more room. Eliminating large piles of concrete and asphalt removed from demolition sites and road reconstruction projects by re-using these materials is the immediate focus of a new Ontario organization.

Lines and paragraphs break automatically. For operation in cold climates, heaters for the enclosure and heat tracing for pipes are available as options, and each machine is equipped with multiple automatic drain valves to enhance freeze protection. The DustBoss DB Fusion is a powerful dust-suppression system with an efficient diesel generator that can be hauled to job sites that lack a convenient power source.

It also has a V outlet to provide jobsite power for any accessories or tools. More information on registering for the event can be found here.