La educacion del ser emocional/ The Education of Being Emotional: Juan Cassasus: Books – La educacion del ser emocional/ The Education of Being Emotional. Front Cover. Juan Casassus. Ediciones Castillo S.A. De C.V., – Education – pages. La educacion del ser emocional/ The Education of Being Emotional (Spanish) Paperback – Import, 1 Apr by Juan Cassasus (Author). Be the first to review .

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Ella luego inmigra a los Estados Unidos. He worked teaching part time for three years and then for thirty years as a professor of Spanish. His mother was a homemaker and later worked at a school cafeteria; his father was a truck driver.

As the number of Latino families within Yamhill County grew, Brother Martin recalls that parents and children alike began emocionall into other realms of work and school in the community outside of farm work. She describes a happy and relaxed edicacion for the most part.

Today, they both work as court interpreters for courthouses in and around McMinnville, Oregon; a job that they agree can be difficult and demanding but is very rewarding at the same time.

Gabriel Jaime added it May 05, Embracing both cultures has produced beautiful bilingual services and more attendance from the congregation. Passion, a lot of passion!

La Educacion Del Ser Emocional

Together, they have three children, one son and two daughters. When you do not well you are der a certain pressure, I understand that the person acts in a different way [ These stories stand out more vividly in his mind than any television program he had the opportunity to watch. Her sister lives in Canby; her mother lives in Oceanside, Oregon. Arredondo comparte que la ausencia de su padre cuando se fue a los Estados Unidos fue un gran sacrificio para toda la familia.

During the rainy season it was only accessible via foot or by horse. Arredondo then shares his views on the relationship between the Latino community and the Anglo community, and racist comments he has heard.

His parents were also born in Guatemala around In looking ahead, Arredondo shares that he wants to leave a legacy and help Latinos in the community of Canby to reach their goals, go to college, and to accomplish great things. Vigil explains that she later quit her job so she could pursue a degree full time at Western Oregon University from which she received her teaching license. Today, Evangelina can read a bit of the bible but nothing more.


The crossed the border at Nogales, Sonora to Arizona after paying a coyote for his services. Arredondo explains that he grew up in a small farming village lacking any utility services, and as a result he grew accustomed to living without electricity.

Arredondo then shares the experiences of his father when he came to the United States and how his absence affected his mother and family. El pastor Que habla efusivamente de la importancia de la fe; en un aspecto personal, de su familia y en la comunidad. Zoila worked as a seamstress, a trade which Jorge learned while he worked alongside his mother when he was fourteen years old as an after school job.

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He especially recalls being reunited with his father and how happy everyone was to see him again. She shares that on Saturdays or Sundays she usually goes out; she goes shopping, spends time with her grandchildren or sometimes participates in activities at her church or library.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The new category withdrawal of speeches and analysis was named 3 Emoiconal in educational environment, with references to a vital and ongoing process that occurs individually on yourself and interpersonal relationships with the other s directly in educational environment, in particular in relations with students and the teaching and learning processes.

Ella quiere ver que toda la comunidad latina salga adelante. D12 ; As a determining factor in life, because according to the feelings govern is that our actions. He first raised chickens. His grandfather was sent to Mexico by an American railroad company to run the trains in Mexico. Pastrana talks about how difficult it was at first because she left her husband in Mexico he joined her later and everything was new to her.

He eeducacion shares some of the other services and events the program provides such as: She shares her journey crossing the border and how dangerous it was. When she came to Oregon, Evangelina began working with a teacher at Columbus School to learn her alphabet, to read, to write a bit, etc. Today, the family has paid off the mortgage on their house.


Juntos, tienen tres hijos, un hijo y dos hijas.

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They both also noticed differences between the people in Los Angeles and the people here in Oregon. Juntos, ellos tienen cuatro hijos, tres hijas y un hijo. His father married three times in total. Luego comparte el proceso de cruzar la frontera y las dificultades que superaron para llegar a Long Beach, California.

Today, he still lives in Yamhill County while the rest of his family resides in Dallas, Texas. Gingerich begins the interview by describing his childhood growing up in rural Oregon on a family farm. He recalls the ice cream cart coming to his town and buying popsicles for five cents during the summers. He contends that the Spanish perceived themselves as smarter than their Mexican brothers and that churchgoers received different treatment according to their backgrounds as well.

La Educacion Del Ser Emocional by Juan Casassus

casassuss In concluding the interview, Reid talks a bit about how important education is for Latino families.

As a soldier in WWII, Brother Martin remembers dreaming of the end of the war, of his future, and his enjoyment of nature. She also applied to and enrolled in a program for Romance Philology, that is, the history of romance languages from the Vulgar Latin period through the medieval period. Sus abuelos se conocieron en Arizona. Originally, Gaspar had a brother who lived here in the U. Habla de los trabajos que su familia hace: She specifically notes that she graduated from college at the same time her oldest son graduated from high school.

When poorly handled, can be the main causes of learning problems, resulting in feelings of injustice, devaluation of self-image and self-esteem.