El Chorruelo. Bulerías. Paco de Lucía. Luzía 1/2. = Standard tuning x Falseta 4. Capo. fret 3. 4. 2. 6. 0. (0). 5. 3. 3. 6. 5. 5. (5). 3. 5. 5. 3. 3. El Chorruelo. Bulerías Paco de Lucía Luzía Standard tuning. = x Falseta 4. Capo. fret 3. 0 (0) 6 6 5 5 (5) 2 3 3 3 5 5 5 5 5 4 5 5 3 3 5 7 5.

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Your videos are for advanced students, so i would say that most targeted students in this stage can differentiate between a good and a bad teacher.

Enjoy the ray of sunshine that comes with every new step in knowledge.

Rubin Diaz Lessons

We will never be as good as Paco and we will never have a distinctive Style. I think its pretty simple in my opinion anyone who does something you would like to learn is a “bonafied” teacher i dont need diplomas, accents, or big names mentioned to like what i like if someones taste is not “informed “enough to make his decisions Is this a disrespect to Diego?

I hope i misunderstood this. What shall i do now? Me disculpo en adelantado por no poner acentos mi computadora no me lo deja hacer.

Then, you realize that it is not easy at all, IF you want to play it with that specific Aire and Vibe!!! There are many things that justify being called “flamenco”. I admire both and many others. It was NOT my intention to disrespect you but i was a little bit offended as i felt that there is some disrespect going on ludia to other good guitarists and also ee i am huge fan of Diego.

Hi Ruben, Some of us lesser mortals want to play the guitar as a means of relaxation, for enjoyment, or for the occassional challenge and not as a means of self-flagellation.


I’ve deleted my posts because some of you perhaps will use mr. Obviously, the harder they come the harder they fall. Hey Ruben, When you say things in this way it makes it very clear that you yourself feel that some of the teachers and online resources mentioned by Arash are not “Bonafide. NUTS Crazy mathematical analyses excessive bla bla bla and just 14 lines poor concluding remarks. What you say is basically to copy a Style.

I would like to ask you a question: If so, i apologize. Oh, Enough of this diatribe. But my eyes and heart are open and i see the beauty of flamenco guitar which appears with different faces almost everywhere out there.

But between the lines, i have the feeling that you simply don’t accept any other opinion about ANYTHING other than yours, and that whenever chorryelo see such an opinion about something that may differ from yours, you feel like it is an attack againts you or disrespect and that everyone wants to be a teacher and a “pilot” now!

Sure, it choeruelo not as good as having a teacher LIVE sitting infront of you and hit on your fingers whenever you do something wrong. For example, now that we spoke of Paco and Diego: Shall we either just shut up and learn what you teach [ But to get the best results, everybody should learn as much as one can from as many teachers or better said: But I do believe Ruben is being a bit closed minded.

I can assure you and others that may read this thread that Adam del Chorruwlo and Richard Marlow Ricardo are indeed both “Bonafide teachers” of flamenco guitar. Or that its only “knowledge” which counts. It saddens me to see “ego” become such an easy trap for us to fall into for the so-called sake of information and argumentation.

And i chorreulo have a different opinion about Style. Well, i think from a certain point, everyone has the criteria to have an own “opinion” about flamenco guitarists. Beginners also cant distinguish between any players quality. Sometimes the most important messages can be lost in with the verbiage – I’d like to highlight this from your previous input: Give me a break!



RE: Bulerias “El Chorruelo” from Paco de Lucia’s Album “Luzia” – Falsetas 1 to 3

Iran living in Germany. Yo acepto que usted es un muy buen tocaor y una fuente enorme de informacion flamenca.

And why do we always talk about that and want to discuss it and find out what it is? So in that stage, almost everyone could “teach” you and you won’t find out what is good or bad habbit. Diego del Morao ed no Aire We receive 12, visitors a month from countries and 1. And i don’t think that “taste” and “knowledge” should be seperated in Music.

Paco Cepero is Comedian Chorrueli the other hand, you sometimes see some players playing a piece, which at first seams to be easy to play.

Download Section / Paco de Lucia Repertoire

You need assistance in that stage to find a good teacher to avoid learning bad technique and habbit from a self professed wannabe teacher. That is what i meant with “different faces of flamenco”. For example the first part is absolutely correct.

Of course you should luciia in to flamenco and have basic knowledge. Creo que su habilidad como guitarrista y el hecho de conocer a Paco de Lucia personalmente se le ha subido a la cabeza