Explaining Postmodernism by Stephen R.C. Hicks The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt Higher Superstition by Paul R. Gross The Blank Slate by Steven. The UBC Free Speech Club had the absolute honour of hosting Dr. Stephen Hicks earlier in March. We sincerely hope you enjoy this lecture as. PDF | On Jun 1, , Gary Jason and others published Review of: S. Hicks, Explaining Postmodernism: Skepticism and Socialism from Rousseau to Foucault .

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Explaining Postmodernism – Stephen Hicks, Ph.D.

I don’t think it’s because it gives the greater appearance of being a postmoddernism book. This combination of reason and reasonable irrationality unleashed an incredible amount of good and human advancement. For postmodernidm, the Marxist grand narrative insists on the inevitable destruction of capitalism. And this means I do not know how he managed to get that many rocks onto his magic epistemological carpet, and still less do I know how he got it to fly like that.

Are there any particular books you could recommend to me that would result in a eplaining yield than simply reading primary source Derrida, Foucault, etc.? How can we undermine the faith of its believers? Each was an opportunist, a sophist, trying to wring political, theological, and economic consequences from the bowels of epistemology, ontology, and linguistics. It seems to be just original English auto-translated to Croatian. The informed individual is capable of making informed decisions.

After all, explaininng bias is not a problem for believers in Objectivism. The expanded edition’s essay on Explaining the Seemingly Inexplicable Greatly appreciate this very readable exposition, by a rational mind heroically treading where others become repulsed and confused.


It will have you thinking long after you’ve put it down. This observation is by no means revolutionary if you’ll pardon the expression.


Dear Dr Hicks, I read your book on postmodernism and I was very impressed by it! Even more laudable is your decision to make it freely available for downloads. Kierargaard realized this and pointed it out.

As most people know, exposing everything to the light of reason brought many advances scientifically which positively affected the common man but this also had its own negative side affects, as well. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

One of the most important books I’ve read. Because this book so clearly states the philosophies that lead up to the postmodernist movement and accurately exposes the true nature of the irrationality, I am able to teach my children to identify irrational concepts and teach them to avoid the logical pitfalls postmodwrnism postmodern philosophy. Hicks would rather put the blame on Kant’s shoulders in part, it seems, simply because Kant is German and it fits better into his Anglo vs Continental dichotomy than dignify that Hume was the real problem child of empiricism and that Locke’s dogmatism was, to many, incapable of withstanding the strength of Hume’s skepticism.

The Enlightenment Vision [pdf] Chart 1. Traditionalists seem to forget that the ruling classes who actually made the decisions had plenty of cold and hot blooded selfishness.

Part of his thesis is that postmodernism rose from the ashes of left wing socialism and especially communism’s failures in the 20th century. Hello Stephen will your book on Postmodernism be reprinted in English soon? An essential book for understanding the extreme polarization we’re currently seeing in the West, with its quagmire of political correctness, bitter identity politics, censorship and de-platforming of speakers at universities, and the incredibly persistent zombie of a failed socialism that just won’t die.

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Return to Book Page. It’s the top-selling Kindle e-book on epistemology on Amazon. I mean, look at the questions that this place has been getting the past day or so. After all, the former denies any claim to impartial knowledge or absolute truth, so one would expect its adherents to be found all over the political spectrum.

Why hasn’t Stephen Hicks “Explaining postmodernism” been criticized more? : askphilosophy

He fleshes it out with the thinkers responsible for such dogmatic and irrational modes of psotmodernism, and outlines their chain of influence and the perplexing logic they espouse in the face of reality. When the postmodern condition was first described by Lyotard, it was an object of critique. Oct hicke, Blair rated it liked it Shelves: Now, why did Kant have to undermine reason? The question that while they were cut from the same cloth of the Enlightenment, as it were, why did they have such different outcomes?

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