Montauk [Max Frisch, Goeffrey Skelton, Jonathan Dee] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Max Frisch’s candid story of his affair with a young. Max Frisch’s Montauk, packed with these dissolving moments, is one of a small handful of works toward which I feel proprietary, if not downright. And others may find that they should write their memoirs, if they are born writers or not. In the autobiographical novel Montauk by Max Frisch the.

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All the sections about the past were brilliant. Jan 11, Solar rated it it was amazing. Mar 31, Tigerraph monhauk it really liked it. Some see the Max Frisch from Montaukhowever, as an “art piece”, whose desires finally did not produce sincerity but a beautiful story. German Autumn by Stig Dagerman Stig Dagerman, the wunderkind of Swedish literature in the ten years before he committed suicid The short-run love affair is used by Frisch as a retrospective on his own biography.

Edith’s Miscellany: Book Review: Montauk by Max Frisch

In he travelled through eastern and south-eastern Europe, and in frisdh visited Germany for the first time. Jun 20, Zach rated it really liked it. Much as I am unable to separate this text from the feelings it has given me. Or lie I here?

The band and its entourage spent more time a few blocks away at the Shagwong Restaurant and Tavern, which is also still open.


Jul 11, Tim rated it it was amazing Shelves: Above all, Frisch’s former consorts are in center of the narrative. They are internalized as memories are until their voices are indistinguishable from his own.

Modern demands have also borne capillary roads and filoviral cul-de-sacs, an airport, restaurants, marinas, a golf course and a train station. It is this willingness to ultimately see truth in the eye which makes a Frisch novel often such a montsuk journey.

Montauk by Max Frisch

These are our schools, our churches, our beaches, our docks, our sunrise, our little piece of heaven under God, and I am never going to leave this place because I am going to be buried right next to my boy, and I will fight to my last breath to keep Montauk local. A couple hours later, I was—we were—again following Frisch. It is really very difficult to put the finger on the very particular texture of his writing. To ask other readers questions monyauk Montaukplease sign up.

But the Spirit of Water appealed to Manitou, who, in response, opened the floodgates of heaven, and quenched the flames.

Max Frisch died of cancer on April 4, in Zurich. Friday, 21 October Book Review: These are two people who happen to like and trust each other enough to spend a few days together, without the burden of expectations with respect to a longer term commitment. Created by Grove Atlantic and Electric Literature.

The thoughts on aging, temporary monyauk with their lack of shared reference schemes, aimlessness of life are reassuring. Nov 10, Gray Side rated it liked it. Inhe met Bertolt Brecht in Zurich. In a lengthy episode Frisch recalls his childhood friend and benefactor W.


It MONTAUK is an early version of the modern memoir, with a weekend affair serving as the frame for Max Frisch’s life of relationships, marriages and the perspective of death you have in your 60s.

Dec 25, Christian Kessler rated it did not like it. Frisch arrived many generations later, his wonder incapacitated.

Frisch doesn’t refrain from emba Montauk is an autobiographical novel. This book is strewn with other names that TQC readers will recognize.

To its very extreme verge, Montauk is fertile and verdant. It would certainly be too much to call the autobiographical novel Montauk a memoir although in many flashbacks the author traces his steps through sixty years and exposes himself as well as the people closest to him, notably his last wife Marianne Oellers-Frisch and their writer friend Donald Barthelme who had an affair.

Montauk by Max Frisch | Quarterly Conversation

Some critics stressed that it would be a moontauk to read Montauk a kind of key narrative to understand his live and work. Newer Post Older Post Home. Of course the main character is the author, or a very thinly veiled self-portrayal in a fictional character.