Sri Garbha Rakshambika Stotram. Sri Madhavi kAranasye-. Garbha Rakshambike pahi bhaktham sthu vantham. Vapi thate vama bhage, vama. Sri Garbarakshambigai Amman temple is situated in Thirukarukavur ( Thirukkarugavur), a small village in Thanjavur district, Tamil Nadu, South India. This is an. Garbha Rakshambika Stotram with a clean audio to all devotee and with a lot of features. Read more. Reviews. Review Policy. 18 total. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.

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We need the divine blessing of Amma. Please tell me about the process where and how the money can be sent for pooja. Please send details of pooja to get conceive. Can you please let me the pooja details and the offerings that can be made to AMMA through online.

I have irregular periods. Let us hope that your prayers are soon answered by Garbarakshambigai Amman and that you are blessed with a healthy.

This should rakshajbika enough for you to perform puja to. I am not conceived almost 5. Hi, I reside in Sydney. Namaste Janani Madam, We have been married for 10 years, still not been fortunate enough to conceive. However i am unable to understand why am not able to conceive and feel helpless month on month. I will chant the mantra mentioned above.

In this depressing state of mine goddess is the only hope. Congratulations on your pregnancy! You have received the benefits of listening to these songs. I have 5 years son. I was diagonised with PCOD few months back. I shall be highly thankful to you. Also i was trying to get shlokas that se can chant daily in Hindi or Sanskrit but unable to find it, can you please help us. The following is a prayer stotram that can be chanted by girls for early and good marriages. After that I got pregnant for 2 times but stltram miscarriage.


I can understand your worry and concerns. Thank you for your concern.

But there are instructions that 48 days have to be completed without a break as far as possible. Please as per the instructions on the website I made a payment with our details, I shall be grateful if you could do the prayers on our behalf and send the Prasad with further details rakshabmika what we should be doing.

I have sent a mail regarding all the questions you have stotrram our website and service.

Sharing the Slokas

I am that much worried. The act of faith is more important than a ritual. I hope your prayers are also answered soon. I have received this request several times before. I rakshambka with the grace of Amman you soon conceive a healthy happy and beautiful baby. If you are able to visit the temple then we encourage you to do the same. Can i get another ghee prasadam and start taking it for another 48 days?

I have been maarried for the last 3 years. Im married just 3months but im very worried of getting pregnant due im 39yrs now and my hubby 41yrs. The temple is open on all days of the week. Thank you for your e-mail. Since it is very important question for me. Reciting this Stotram daily, during pregnancy, keeps both mother and child in good health and to have safe and trouble-free delivery.

I just want to have a safe pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby. Dear Madam, My wife got conceived and would like to receive pooja prasadham and seva details. During the second month read the first two slokas times daily; During the third month read the first three slokas times daily; During the fourth month read the first four slokas times daily; During the fifth month read the first five slokas times daily; During the sixth month read the first six slokas times daily; During the seventh month read the first seven slokas times daily; During the eighth month read the first eight slokas times daily; During the ninth month read all the nine slokas times daily; It is believed that this would ensure safe delivery.


Will you recommend for any other special pooja? Also please let us know, what all should be observed when reciting the Mantra in this blog and for how many days. Me and my husband both of us are having some medical problems. Both of us are healthy.

Garbarakshambigai Slokas for Conceiving

We are trying to conceive since last two year. Oh Aswini Devas, who are the doctors of the Gods, please accept this sacred offering and worship and protect this lady who is in the family way from all dangers.

Hi, to conceive we were advised to perform alankra pooja for Amman, can you provide me the details and cost of it. Please provide the gagbha address and nearest railway station. Hi Kindly send me the details on the pooja.

We will be happy to get the puja performed on your behalf and send you the prasadam. Let us jope that your prayers are answered soon. Hello We are married for 6 years now and trying nearly 3 year with no luck.

Garbha Raksha Stotram in Telugu – Free Download PDF

I have ordered for Abhishegam, ghee prasadam etc. Since now we cannot visit the temple, can garbh please send the prasad to us.

Thanking you in advance.