The Demonologist by Gerald Brittle Summary & Study Guide has 11 ratings and 3 reviews. This study guide consists of approx. 38 pages of chapter summaries. The Demonologist reveals the grave religious process behind supernatural events and how it can happen to you. Over thirty years in Gerald Brittle. iUniverse. Expertly written by Gerald Daniel Brittle, a nonfiction writer with advanced degrees in literature and psychology specializing in mystical theology.

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Tue didn’t scare the Hell out of me, but it did give me the creeps Firstly I received this book free from Goodreads giveaways and here is my honest review.

A wealth of disturbing and unsettling situations are discussed in this book from the Warren’s unique and personal point of view. This book will NOT disappoint you! So, here we are. I love the adrenaline rush of being scared by a horror movie or ghost stories.

Tom began in the days before reliable vehicles, good communication, and air access in case of emergency. The Warrens mention that demons are not location based and that they will stay with the humans they are tormenting.

The Demonologist : The Extraordinary Career of Ed and Lorraine Warren

Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. Very scary, believable, amazing. The true accounts in this book made this book amazing! I guess I should have assumed that it was going to focus brithle on the Warrens themselves, rather than the cases they worked on.


Ed and Lorraine are people I respect so much in the paranormal world and in general, and I trust everything they say. I have seen Lorraine Warren speak on a bdittle occasions in documentaries and I really enjoyed her speaking and information and I found her very credible.

This book will NOT disappoint you! Crucifixes and holy water hurt them, standard exorcism rituals can defeat them.

The Demonologist

View all 7 comments. A little over half way through it.

This isn’t a work of fiction. Thank you for your feedback. Most Popular Popular posts Review: I think fans of horror movies, or who demonolovist to hear “true” accounts of exorcisms will enjoy this one! I mean, it makes sense that they would call someone they know, but it’s also extremely convenient. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I grappled with the ‘Physcial’ Part of Energy being able to focus, why can a spirit pull a girl by her hair but you can’t touch or see what is doing this.

An insight as to how the Church views hauntings, Demons and Exorcism. Ed Warren was a demonologist, one of the only seven demonologists recognized at least on the s and the only non-priest person allowed by the Catholic Church to make exorcisms. And you can bet that so prestigious institution wouldn’t call them if they wouldn’t believe that they were dealing with something paranormal.


The Demonologist by Gerald Brittle Summary & Study Guide by BookRags

This is the shocking true story of an American dream that turned into a nightmare beyond imagining for the Lutz family, who were forced to flee their new home in terror. You may have to suspend disbelief depending on what your views are on the subject of the paranormal.

Nov 05, Ann Marie rated it it was amazing. I kid but this point rang true. Reader be warned, this book is creepy! But none affected me as much as possession stories, because we’re taught it is true. But behind the house and far away from the road: The performance from the narrator was fantastic.