M. Gryzinski, in FPB, Novosibirsk, July , p. 89, ; Sprawa Atomu, Hamo-Sapiens, Warszawa, M. Gryzinski, Preciesly About Atom (in. Collectively moving electrons in a space centered cubic lattice. Graphics from the book “Sprawa Atomu” · Back. Spin of the electron – a source of symmetry in Nature. Graphics from the book ” Sprawa Atomu” · Back.

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Perhaps something similar to internal conversion, but drawing from a surplus electrons in the solid state environment brought there under unusual or nonequilibrium conditions, such as the buildup of static charge.

To explain accidentally observed large angle scattering events E. I must admit I’ve lost track a bit of this interesting discussion in recent hryziski.

I believe you have mentioned this more than once. A quantum equivalent of energy transfer cross section even in its primitive form, as given by J.

A lack of the threshold was strong evidence that electrons in the atom come into close vicinity of the nucleus. On a microscopic scale a collision with a point like object is defined by: Now, I shell present essential elements of a rigorously defined atomic collision theory developed on a basis of a thorough solution of a classical two-body problem – the theory, which enabled me to trace out electrons moving in the atom.

The observed change of direction of motion and the change of speed of the probing particle is the only information on what has happened on a microscopic scale. I wonder if there are any new developments? Situation becomes quite different when the investigated object has a microscopic size.

In life, Anna embodied goodness, kindness and love. Is this theory also looking at interactions in terms of the election orbital wave functions and the wave functions of interacting protons?

Movement of electron when recombining in hydrogen plasma

It is hard to believe but Quantum mechanics is unable to describe collisions between two crossed proton electron beams produced in a school device!!! Anna has dedicated this book to her mother. With time, Born original probabilistic interpretation of the wave function, evolved into an abstract quasi-probabilistic interpretation, as the original could not withstand physical reality. Quantum collision theory – sophisticated mathematics pretending to describe a physical reality.


Integrate that over all energies and you get the total interaction cross section. Statistical links between initial and final states of the probing particles arising from a chaotic illumination of a target object is the only possible form of getting information on internal structure of microscopic objects. Here, I will present a scheme of the fundamental research metod of the microscopic world.

A whole verbal explanation is needed to make the impression that the problem is solved.

For electron capture, a weak interaction, it is not so much an amount of energy that is relevant, if we’re talking about exothermic reactions, but instead its very low probability. The second term anticipates the solution of the problem, as a spherical flux of scattered particles is already the result of interaction with a target.

Neither career nor popularity has never changed her Shows experimental and theoretical results in a historically the first scattering atomic collision experiment. We are comming back to rigorous rules of Newtonian dynamics.

Calculations were carried out for two extreme forms of collective motion of two electrons: The cross section will depend upon the abundance of high-Z elements in the substrate. Nevertheless, it has been. If, however, in place of the scattering centre there is a particle of a finite mass, the scattering spawa is always accompanied by some transfer of energy.

But that unique type of superconductivity is based on hydrides. The sodium has atpmu elongated orbitals available, therefore it remains soft and non-superconductive even at high gryzizki which usually helps the superconductivity to manifest itself.

SPRAWA Atomu HC Michal Gryzinski Polish Language Neils Bohr OOP Physics | eBay

Personally, I have only tested electron trajectories with included Lorentz force magnetic dipole of electron – charge of nucleus and there are naturally appearing trajectories of electrons jumping between two nuclei successive back-scatterings. A macroscopically observed effect of a collision x dependant in some way of the particle velocity D v may be symbolically written in a following way:. What the physicists also don’t understand is, how the quantum mechanics applies in cold fusion.


To realize the absurdity of the Born concept one must know that scattering from a fixed center of force is the simplest problem of the whole collision physics and Quantum collision theory, with its artificial formalism is unable to go beyond this trivial case.

In this case the process appeared to be sensitive to the form of electron orbit. Everybody, however, knows that proper system of coordinates simplifies solution of the problem since some characteristic features of the investigated problem are included, it contains, in fact, some fraction of the searched solution.

Marsden, the distribution of flushing points on Zn-screen produced by a stream of a -particles penetrating a thin metallic foil gave origin to one of the most important discoveries of the atomic physics. I’m afraid you would still obtain MeV-scale photons from bremsstrahlung of MeV electrons – which should be observed: And what about the transfer energy cross section in its general form as given by Eq.

Regarding p-e-p collapse as linear antenna, I completely don’t insist on any of these modes – only say that any of them would solve the problem of missing gammas. But what is this going around the barrier? Polish language Anna describes her visit in Italy Thus, solving the experimentally-theoretical identity: Anyway, the fact that they don’t observe expected radiation, requires a concrete mechanism in the moment of fusion: Amplification isn’t needed if the requisite energy is already available and is simply released through a trigger of some kind.

Solving Newton’s equation of motion for Coulomb interaction he found that the measured in the experiment angle Jthe angle between asymptotes of the hyperbolic trajectory spraww the invisible impact parameter Sprswa are related in a following way:. Iwan Iliczew “Anna German – Gori, gori, moja zwezda”.