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Houses were cited as places where the insects could be found An increase in the number of house calls made by pest control officers was the main suggestion for improvements given by residents.


Based on the above perspective, the guidance concerning surveillance conhecmiento the state of Minas Gerais advocates for active searches of the triatomine insects to be done in all households covering a certain percentage of areas in municipalities in the state region.

Eveyones does their part to tackle this problem. Table 4 Suggestions given to the Control and Prevention of Chagas disease service by residents in areas with different levels of household infestations.

Chagas disease, may be reflected in the large proportion of people that stated that they knew someone that had been bitten by triatomine and they knew someone that had the disease. Vector-borne transmission of Trypanosoma cruzi Chagas is the principal route to the human infection 1 1.

This may downgrade the importance of this measure in the eyes of the population hessne Table 1 Knowledge and attitudes concerning triatomine insects and the Chagas disease amongst residents in areas with different levels of household insect-vector infestations.

Do not throw rubbish in the street.

Teoria do Conhecimento by Johannes Hessen (3 star ratings)

On the other hand in Diamantina, there was a need for residents to be able to recognize conheimento insect because infestations were recurrent in houses. Between and the region found itself under entomological surveillance directed by rural teachers to whom information was given concerning triatomine insects. This was based on the divisions identified by the National Health Foundation 21 They were also more informed of the existence of pest control services in the municipality.


In the subsequent cohecimento, however, these combative measures were curtailed owing to the loss of executive powers of the Regional Centers and low rates of compliance by the municipalities.

This will help to identify their weak points and gaps and in turn, the relevant scientific and technical knowledge can be passed to managers, service providers and health care users in a way so that it can be used in their daily lives 18 Community participation in Chagas disease vector surveillance: The future of Chagas disease. The results of this study can provide guidance on education that can be given by the health services to the community in order to encourage them to provide notifications of the triatomine insects.

Uma experiencia em enfermedad de Chagas. Urban areas in this study were included because triatomine infestations have been occurring often at the headquarters of the municipality in Diamantina,mainly in the peripheral areas of the city. There were no associations between these responses and infestations in the areas. This will encourage the population to become more involved in collective actions in relation to entomological surveillance on the Chagas disease, particularly in dormant regions.

This covered to becausethe detailed entomological information during this period was available. The multiple choice questions were analyzed with reference to the frequency of which the alternatives were chosen. The available data on the size of the populations dates back toowing to the lack of updates registered by the local authority.

In the first phases, the actions carried out were vertical in nature whereby pest control officers visited houses in search of the insects and applied insecticide in areas hit by the endemic. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. This was adopted owing to the period of birth for those whose ages corresponded with phases hessn the transmission of the Chagas infection and disease was controlled in a region.


Teoria do Conhecimento

Surveillance on the part of the population in looking out for the Chagas disease is of paramount importance. This may be due to a greater awareness of Chagas amongst rural populations where actions taken against conhecomento insect-vector are common because the transmission of the disease in these areaswas morefrequent.

Due to questions of logistics and access issues, random selections were done amongst the localities that met the criteria in being a maximum of 40 km from the city urban nucleus.

The responses to the questions were organized into different thematic areas and were descriptively analyzed.

In relation to having aid services to control the Chagas disease in the municipality, The difference in the data from the journals and our study is that in this study we considered young people as anyone aged 25 or younger, whilst in overly mentioned studies they dl with younger age groups.

They were analyzed in relation to associations with different categories of infestations in areas. Amongst family members, parents accounted for Mem Inst Oswaldo Cruz ; 5: Rev Soc Bras Med Trop ; 19 3: The majority of them were from areas that did not have an infestation.