Hp B Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Hp B Calibration Manual. Agilent technologies HP B Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Agilent technologies HP B Operating Manual. Refurbished Agilent / Hewlett Packard B Synthesizer/Function Generator with Frequency Accuracy – at Test Equipment Depot – PreOwned Refurbished.

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Plus and minus 30 V regulators which supply power for this amplifier are a part of the option. The N counter begins at the preset number in example 1counts to and then reloads the same number unless a new frequency has been programmed.

Measure the frequency of the signal at A21U34 pin 14 and at A21Q collector.

HP 3325B Manuals

Press Shift, Deg, Self Test, 2, 1 to start the test. As seen in Figurethere exists a feedback path through the processor. The process begins with the processor loading a number into the preset counters. Adapter Cable If the test passes, plug in one connector at a time and re-run the test to determine the assembly causing this test to feul.

Agilent Technologies HP B Manuals

A foldout functional block diagram follows Service Group O. Each of the four Preset Counters is a BCD counter that can be pre-loaded with a 4-digit binary number and manuak enabled to count from that point.


The positive pulse at the TRI test point should increase to maximum, then reset to zero and repeat at a 1 Hz rate. Lights all front panel LEDs.

Square, Triangle, and Ramp Functions. Press the 0 key jp to verify. If input pulses are not present, go to Control Logic troubleshooting. A foldout functional block diagram of the follows Service Group O.

If there is excessive ringing the value of C may be adjusted slightly. If the voltage is still incorrect, the fault lies prior to TP6. If they are correct, troubleshoot the A14 assembly using this SA test. This voltage controls the D.

This example has used a fractional N of. These are also negative-going pulses, approximately 10 ts wide.

The following troubleshooting hints are intended to help determine whether a problem on the Keyboard assembly is due to a malfunctioning key or a component failure. Voltage at A3U18 pin 6 should be high. The mixer output signal leaves the A3 board and enters the A14 board as a current via cable W Connect the 50 ohm load directly to the Main Signal output connector on the front panel.

This is the DC offset error correction voltage and is calculated during a self-calibration. Also included is information on recommended modifications for improvements to earlier instruments. Amplitude problems have in the past, been linked to U38, U39, and U40 failures. Repeat steps d and g. The number on the right side of the display should read between 0. In this application, they are set to count down.


3325B Synthesizer/Function Generator

Set the frequency to 5 Hz. Press the – minus key to set the to -5 Vdc. It increments or decrements the output frequency during a sweep liinction and outputs a Sweep Limit Flag when the start or stop frequency is reached.

Level Control and Amplitude Modulation.

HP B Function Generator | Chris Meyer – Mentions

Figure is a basic block diagram of the logic circuits, which interface with the processor and with each other through the proces- sor to control hhp operation of the instrument.

The mixing circuit output is applied to a low pass filter to remove all but the difference frequency, which is amplified by a current amplifier. After blinking the LEE3s, the test loops repeatedly for troubleshooting.

Also for best results, allow the thermal converter time to settle and adjust to surrounding tem- peratures. Adjustment and calibration modes can be enabled, and calibration modes and values can be cleared. In sine function, the sine wave from the mlypr passes through a current amplifier to the output amplifier.