2nd Company Tactical Marine. Chapter Name: Botherhood of Steel; Founding: 23rd “Sentinel” Founding; Founding Chapter: Iron Hands. Looking for fellow Iron Hands brethren. I’m building my IH army and would love to track down the Iron Hands info offered in the Index Astartes III. A further departure from the doctrines of the Codex Astartes is the lack of Chaplains. The Iron Hands suffered terrible losses at the hands of the Traitor Marines.

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This unease turned to terror as the land literally erupted beneath their feet. The Primarch had little doubt that the combined might of dozens of ships would have catastrophic consequences for the planet, but he cared little.

The time of their construction was a harsh one, for the immobile tribes were exposed, iro Ferrus had to force them to work beyond their limits to finish the walls before they were pushed to extinction by the mechanical abominations stalking the desert plains of Medusa.

Loyalty is ended either by death or treachery, every artifice rusts and corrodes, and no life can truly be eternal. While I think i’ll keep the red, mainly due to hannds culture reason behind it, it’s definitely going to be toned down and the rest altered considerably. He and the Veterans joined with six other Legions in the planetary assault.

They ran out of the council great-tent in their panic, savage electrical storms ripping the skies asunder above them. Where once there had been Chapters as constituent units of the Legion in the Terran style, there would now be Clans, but this was not a mere symbolic union, and Terran Space Marines were ordered to displace the existing Clans’ rulership both temporal and spiritual in the only way that the Medusans knew; by brute force.

However, when the Iron Hands arrived within the system of Medusa, they quickly found out that something terrible had happened during their absence. When he finally removed his arms from the lava, the Wyrm was no more. The world on which it happened, known as One-Five-Four-Four, was controlled by the Eldar, and the xenos were present in such strength than the forces of three Legions were combined to conquer it: Instead, they received their orders of battle for the battle of Isstvan III.

After the Massacre, Ferrus was the only traitor Primarch to follow Guilliman on his march to Terra, the two Legions fighting side by side on a hundred worlds during their advance on the Throneworld.


Anyone have PDF of Iron Hands Index Astartes??? – Space Marines – 40K Online

It went without saying that vengeance would be their first and greatest motivator, for their Legion had suffered more than any other during the bloodbath of the Heresy. The issue with the homeworld is that there’s not much too it beyond the history of the ruins, and I really need to emphasise how tribal states work around living among malfunctioning high tech.

After several years of relative tranquil progress, with regular reports of the Legion’s advance to the Warmaster and the rest of the Great Crusade’s commanders, the Iron Hands claimed to have encountered an adversary posing them difficulties.

Please enter a number less than or equal to 1. When the Iron Hands arrived, they expected to find a world ready to fall into their hands, and easily conquered the system’s capital hive-city.

Below is a list of all Index Astartes articles published so far with White Dwarf issue numbers and Index Astartes compilation book volumes in which to find them. You are covered by the eBay Money Back Guarantee if you receive an item that is not as described in the listing.

Nor did he quell conflict or bring peace upon the planet, but instead he gave the Iron Fathers — the half Tech-priestshalf-shamans who ministered to the clans’ spiritual and technological needs — the fruits of his own intervention in exchange for the technological secrets they had kept down the generations. The item you’ve selected was not added to your cart. The first groups of aspirants were sent up by Thunderhawk Gunships to begin genetic testing for compatability to the Gene-Seed implants.

The Chapter had been given a gift, he announced.

Nonetheless, there were still attempts until the Roboutian Heresy — some explorers even spent the entire civil war within the Telstarax, learning of what had transpired only when they emerged, near-starved and mostly mad. It is said of the Chapter by their detractors that the desire to take wargear from the dead remains an underlying motive of all their actions, and a principal reason they have never shunned combat against those Space Marine Chapters who have turned Renegade or become subject to censure by the High Lords of Terra.

Guilliman told the Gorgon that though he had learned much of the Empyrean’s secrets, the Emperor alone held the secrets necessary to healing Ferrus and his sons. Ferrus Manus saw to that, for the trials and hardships of life on Medusa would winnow the weak from the strong and see that only the physically fittest, most warlike and psychologically “suitable” recruits would join the ranks of his Legion.


Hundreds of Stormbirds and Thunderhawks roared towards the surface, their armoured hulls gleaming as the power of another four Astartes Legions arrived on Istvaan V.

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The Gorgon’s Forge (Iron Hands WIP)

If only he could be walking around with a heavy bolter. He became even more strict on himself and his brothers, training against such dangerous fragility in all its forms. Thereafter, in the dark times that followed, some among the Iron Hands saw virtue in aztartes had once been forbidden and, it is said, turned the Keys of Hel — and opened the path to heretekal damnation. Incex once asked of his Legion’s role in the Great Crusade, Ferrus Manus is apocryphally held to have simply said; ” Make war and move on, and again, and again, until nothing breathes which stands against us.

Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Nearly a third of the Iron Council had fallen into the Daemon’s trap and been lost to Chaotic corruption, along with many of their Battle-Brothers.

So it was that Ferrus Manus’ transition from planetary warlord to general of the Great Crusade was a swift one, aided by his evident hunger for the task set before him and the uncompromising intelligence and diligent application to this greater challenge he displayed.

Index Astartes: Brotherhood of Steel

Children of the Emperor: Under the malignant influence of the daemon -possessed Laer blade that he wore at all times, Fulgrim could only see self-aggrandisement in his brother’s action, instead of the the heroic deed it had truly been.

Masters of Forbidden Knowledge: Their distress and confusion grew further when they learned that the Emperor had fallen in a titanic battle with the corrupted Horus. Instead it would take the Legion’s third large-scale engagements — the invasion of the planet designated or the “Battle astrates Rust” as it would be commonly known to Imperial military historians — to show the X th Legion’s particular martial gifts for what they were, and would do so with empathic force.

With astates fury they had never before allowed themselves to display, the Iron Hands made short work of their Chaotic foes. Learn More – opens in a new window or tab Any international shipping and import charges are paid in part to Pitney Bowes Inc.