Vijay Tendulkar is a well-known playwright in contemporary Indian theatre along with Girish Karnad, Badal Sircar and Mohan Rakesh. His Kamala is a gyno-. Abstract: Vijay Tendulkar is a well-known playwright in contemporary Indian theatre. He reminds us other playwrights such as Girish Karnad, Badal Sircar and . This research study is based on the play “Kamala” written by Vijay Tendulkar as he was also a journalist. He observed the inside of this institution and unveils.

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Someone asked about tendilkar problems of women and other asked about the economic exploitation of the tribes. Such like threats are usual for him, and their life does not disturb as all are butt naked in this saloon. He is capable of sacrificing human values, in the name of humanity itself. Social life is two wheel motor. At the center of the play is a self-seeking journalist, Jaisingh Jadav, who treats the woman he has purchased from the flesh market as an object that can buy him a promotion in his job and a reputation in his professional life.

You have servants you have a car. See the arrival of the Sahib; what protocols some people want as they are chosen and superman.

Injustice is governing here and there. Cry, when he says, cry. She asks as when her father asserts that he has earned with his own initiative. Why aren’t women ever the masters? Through this play, Vijay Tendulkar wants that tendulksr must play its role to correct the society rather than running after political leaders and actors etc.


He is best known for his plays, Shantata! Where would they get the water? Wished for a bolder ending akin to Ibsen’s Doll’s House. She is speaking with confidence in such like male dominated house. In Kamala, Tendulkar has explored the position of women in the society today.

A dramatic reading from Kamla by Vijay Tendulkar

We need a force that will raise his consciousness, prepare him to struggle for political and social change. And the government oh they are pure and lily white. I am going to fuck that scoundrel tomorrow! It inspires the innocent people on civil obedience movement.

You Keep the accounts and run the house Gender and power are inevitably linked together in a society that witnesses a constant battle for aggrandizement. It was so anti-climactic. In modern India, even today in some interior, rural parts of Bihar and Madhya Pradesh women are sold and this was proved by Ashwin Sarin, an Indian Express ‘reporter’ who actually bought a girl from a flesh market to expose the brutal exploitation of women that exists in rural India.

Helen Unius Backiavathy, M. Through Sarita’s realization, Tendulkar has unfolded the bleak truth that a woman in a male dominated society functions just as a mere pawn. Enlightened Vijah questions the social injustices practised against a woman in a male dominated society. A radical critique of patriarchal domination. Higher circulation, more advertising, kwmala income, respectability and a packet of money instead of standing in the doorway waiting patiently for something good to happen.

A Critical Analysis of Vijay Tendulkar’s Kamala : Dr Beena a Mahida :

Though Tendulkar suggests that Sarita cannot unlearn what she has come to realize, at the end of the play there is a faint hope of her attaining independence sometime in the future. Kakasaheb lashes at this kind of journalism: A Comparison – Dr K.


Aishwarya Sudhansubala rated it it was amazing Nov 18, In the mean times, phones of appreciation ring again and again. Jaisingh claims that in Delhi everyone who holds a press conference is made a laughing stock to some extent; it is all in the game. What’s bad about that? What a shameful job! In the words of Tenduklar, “Kamla for me is not just a character, she is a living person, and she just doesn’t remain on my papers”.

Jain pointing toward his friend that she was a point there. Kakasaheb jibes at the elite nature of the print media: She is determined to come out of the oppression of a slave like wife: Kamala to jadhav is only an object that helps him win instant fame while Sarita is also an object to be paraded as a wife at parties, to enhance his status as a successful journalist.

Language of Mass Media: This is new and daring woman of India who is reflecting in these lines. It seems that he has won the battle field to buy this woman to get his mean tendulkaar. Those who do manly things tsndulkar be equal to the man. When Kamala said to Jaisingh that you must tell them that she is ill due to long journey, he embarrasses and shows the attitude of a typical master who has slaves.

His clandestine dashes to ground.