View and Download Sony KDS-R60XBR2 service manual online. SXRD PROJECTION TV. KDS-R60XBR2 Projection TV pdf manual download. Also for: . View and Download Sony GRAND WEGA KDS-R60XBR2 operating instructions manual online. SXRD Projection TV. GRAND WEGA KDS-R60XBR2 Projection. Operating Instructions, Download KDS-R60XBR2 pdf user manual. Quick Setup Guide, Download KDS-R60XBR2 pdf user manual. Limited Warranty Card.

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If you use Speakers a multi-channel surround speaker system and there is insufficient space to install the display unit, we recommend using the speakers detached. If it is, select “Yes” to end setup.

Sony KDS-R60XBR2 Service Manual

Game Mode On Select to optimize for playing games. Electrical Adjustment by Remote Commander When the projection lamp wears out, the screen goes dark. For replacement lamp information visit: This enables Sony’s Advanced Iris function, which has three operating modes. Press to mute the sound.

Page 55 Using the Menus 4: If the message still appears after the dust or obstacles are removed, the TV may need servicing. Each technology has its own inherent advantages and disadvantages, and each company has its own ideas about implementation of those technologies and differentiating features. While the SXRD chip itself is an extraordinary achievement, Sony engineers were determined to pursue equally lofty performance throughout the television.

Adjusting Buttons and Indicator 31 Ne les remplacer que par une piece portant le kanual specifie. It is recommended that you leave this at the factory default value. The Info Icon will appear if changes, general help or other information are available.


Neutral Manua to give the white colors a neutral tint. Consult qualified service personnel. Feed PAL monoscope signal. A newer version of your browser may be available. Brightness screen litgood sound Adjust the option in the Picture setting see page Simply touch the Freeze button on the remote and copy the details down at your leisure.

Tv Controls Lights up in green when the TV is turned on. If a cold-water pipe is not accessible, connect a watts trouble light not a neon lamp between the hot side of the receptacle and the retaining screw. When Advanced Iris is set, a natural creaking noise occurs due to the basic structure of the optical unit. Never spill liquid of any kind on the unit. In this way, you’ll enjoy the latest and best that HD sources have to offer. If you are getting a double image like one of the three colors Red, Green or Blue is not properly lined up with the other two colors, Most likely one of the chips is going out.

Sony GRAND WEGA KDS-R60XBR2 Operating Instructions Manual

Make sure the power cord is plugged in. Set the service mode to DEM. Service Bar Provides access to the four main Guide Services. Color Cool Select to give the white colors a bluish tint. V-TRAP Correction 2 In case of movimg the V spacer by changing the position of cen- ter screw on the V spacer 2 to 3, the picture center goes up and square to trapezoid as shown in figure.

For multiple equipment connections, please refer to the separate Quick Setup Guide. Some of the features that you will enjoy with your new TV include: Automatically detects the brightness of the screen. Declaration Of Conformity See pages for more information on the mankal.


Conceptual drawing of the SXRD chip in cross section. Cool Select to give the white colors a bluish tint. Available only in U. CineMotion Select Auto to optimize the screen display automatically detecting film content and applying a reverse pulldown process. This substrate is coated with aluminum to make it highly reflective.

Moving pictures will appear clearer and more natural looking. The difference is profound. Sony achieves incredible switching speed with an ultra-thin liquid crystal layer. The program you are tuned to may be broadcast in a different language in the alternate audio streams. Highlight your choice and press. Screen After turning on your TV. Make sure the Speaker option is set to On in the Sound setting see page These televisions enable you to watch two shows side-by-side, in addition to flexible picture-in-picture options.

Sony’s SXRD chip uses vertically aligned nematic liquid crystal that normally displays black.

Full text of “Service Manual: Sony KDS R60XBR2 KDS R70XBR2”

The circuit also includes an advanced mode, optimized for content that has previously been upconverted from SD to HD. The picture kanual a bit too big for the screen. Checking for earth ground. The light then reflects off the reflective aluminum and back out to the projection lens. Allow several minutes before unplugging from the outlet or switching the breaker off.