Le Ménagier de Paris a été imprimé aux frais et par les soins de la Société des Bibliophiles françois. Il en a été tiré vingt-quatre exemplaires sur grand papier. The Good Wife’s Guide (Le Ménagier de Paris). ‘You said that you would not fail to improve yourself according to my teaching and correction, and you would do. Le Menagier de Paris. After these matters it is desirable to tell you of various general terms relating to cookery of any quality, and then you will be shown how to.

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Otherwise, cook it a little in water, then fry in butter, then boil in verjuice with the rest of the butter, and throw spices on it.

Le Menagier de Paris: A Parisian Bourgeoisie Household in –

And note that if the bed is covered with broadcloth, you need a quill with fine hair: Hippocras and the wafer dish to finish. Let the milk be carefully chosen, as is told above in the chapter on thickened meat soups, and let it be boiled to a simmer, then remove from the fire: Roast Mutton in a little salt or with verjuice and vinegar.

So it is now appropriate to demonstrate the mechanics of the above foods, menagker, first, you should know some general terms which you can gather more broadly by various additions from here and there in this book, that is to say thickeners for soups, such as bread, eggs, starch, flour, etc. A Parisian Bourgeoisie Household in Item, with this, some add finest wheat flour. Take a thigh of muttonand grease or marrow of beef or veal chopped small and menagler chopped small, and set to boil and cook in a well-covered pot in a small amount of meat stock or other liquid, then put to boil in it spices, and a ed vinegar to sharpen it, and arrange it in a dish.

Item, carp with pqris scales and no yellow or red, are from good water. Everything considered, the beet boiled least and not parboiled is the greenest, and psris must not be boiled at all, however slightly, for in boiling it loses its flavor.

The salted, lightly soaked, tastes too salty, and too long soaked it is not good; and because of this, if you buy it, you must try it in your teeth and eat a small piece. And note that sterile ones are worth more than either of ce others.

This is an enormous chapter containing pages of recipes, menus, and general cookery and household instructions and about 50 pages worth of editorial notes! LOACH is cooked in water with parsley and good cheese, and eaten with mustard. Carp, loach, sole, mullet, salmon, eels. Item, when you kill it, paaris should split its head down to the shoulders. Wash them in two or three changes of hot water, then flour them and fry in oil.


At the butcher, half a sheep to make the soup for the companions and a quarter of bacon for larding; the master bone of a leg of beef to cook with the capons so as to get broth to make the fricassee; a forequarter of mnagier to serve in the fricassee. And first you clean, wash, and mince them, and blanch them, that is in summer when the beet-leaves are young: At Pierre-au-Lait, a sixth of full-cream milk without water added, to make the frumenty.

Verjuice and Poultry Soup. The job of the butler is to provide salt-cellars for the high table; goblets, four dozen; goblets, covered, gilded, four; ewers, six; silver spoons, four dozen; silver quart mugs, four; alms pots, two; candy dishes, two. Partridges mate towards the middle of February, and then take flight two by two: New and First Beet-Leaves [probably means spinach: One may scald and roast them without removing mud, that is to say the fresh ones, and the salted ones which have been dried are roasted and eaten with verjuice [76].

Item, you should know that the tongue of an old beef is better than that of a young one, so some say; others say the opposite. Part 9 – Autres potages lians sans chair.

To age them, they must be bled, and straightaway put them in a mfnagier of very cold water to die, and they will be that very morning as though killed two days ago. And note, if menagoer wish to carry a live carp for a whole day, wrap it in damp hay and carry it belly up, without giving it any air, that is to say in a sack or a bag.

Title First Published 08 January The best roast you can make and freshwater fish, a bacon gruel, a slab of meat, capon pies and thin pancakes, bream pies, eel pies, and fricassee.

Let the beef be parboiled, then lard it along its length and cut into portions, and then put the hot boar’s tail sauce in a dish over your beef which first is roasted or boiled in boiling water and taken out soon, for this is more tender than deer.

Patis when parus are too old, the bones in the joint are el and it is the same for hares and dogs. Half a quarter-pound of long pepper, four sous. Item, you make a gift of the head and the feet to the lords, and do not eat them: But it seems to me that the color would be better if the bread was toasted, as toasted bread and saffron together make green and parsley also makes green.


And if there are no eggs, it is just as good without. And when it is cooked, it must be reclothed in its skin, and let the neck be nice and straight or flat; and let it be eaten with yellow pepper [72]. Pomegranates for fricassee, three costing The finest and best roast that you can get, white pies, “larras”[?

Le Menagier de Paris: A Parisian Bourgeoisie Household in 1400

Steam and skin, or simply skin the eels and put them to cook in water with wine in very small pieces, then grind parsley and darkly toasted bread, and put through the sieve: Note that always you must grind the spices first; and with soups, you do not sift the spices, and afterwards you grind and sieve the bread. Kitchen vessels, towels, napkins, and glassware, seven francs.

Sorrel to make verjuice for the chickens, sage and parsley for the cold soup, two hundred pommes de blandureau. And note that to make beet soup using milk of almonds, the milk should not be strained; and for other soups or for drinking, it should.

Le Ménagier de Paris – Wikipedia

Note dde Monseigneur de Paris had three squires of his people to serve him, and was served alone and with covered dishes [22]. Yellow Soup or Yellow Sauce on hot or cold fish. The shoulder is first spitted mrnagier turned before the fire until the grease has melted away, then larded with parsley: The head is cooked whole, in half water, half wine.

Roast meat, sea fish, freshwater fish, meat cracklings, little tarts, a grill of young rabbits and small birds, forcemeat in hot sauce 26, Pisan tarts.

Note extraordinary expenses for the wedding of Jehan du Chesne. Inasmuch as in this area, one says numbles on the one hand, and bourbelier on the other. Two butlers to order the service and seating of the guests, a seater and two servers for each table, who will serve and clear: ,enagier stew, hens with herbs, a broth of verjuice and mint, a [?