Instructional DVD on combat with the Messer (or Long Knife) according to the teachings of fencing master and priest Johannes Lecküchner. Inspired in the popular Langes Messer from s. XV, this waster incorporates all the important qualities relative to weight, the balance, and the mass dynamics of a. Leckuchner created his manual in the Grand Tradition of Lichtenauer’s Zettel, so he holds pretty close in both his format and techniques.

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And as you strike wind against his Messer and strike to his head with the short edge.

However, biographical information from historical records, as well as the colophon in the manuscript itself, thoroughly disproves this theory. And you can change through, twitch through in the armed manner, and you can also do the feint with the armed point.

Messer Leckuchner – BlackFencer

Or, step with the left foot in front of his both ones and throw him over it. Item Ist dir Einnge lauffen vnnd du Im auch.

Then, go from behind over his right arm under your right shoulder with your right hand and press his hand under your right shoulder on your body, and turn your left side on his right one, and fall with your left arm or hand from above over his left shoulder and swing to your right side or fall on your arse and hold him, and sit at him, as it is depicted below. Indes winnd wider auf sein rechten seitten. Item aber eyn ander pruch fert er uber deyn messer alz vor und helt dich pey dem halz alz vor so far auff mit deyner [33r] lincken hand hynter seyn rechte czwischen seyn hand und gehulcz und druck da mit starck auff deyn rechte seytten und wend dich geswynd auff dy ee gemelt seytten etc.


It[e]m hawstu Im vo[n] deine[r] linck[e]n seitt[e]n vnd pindest Im an sein messe[r] mit der lang[e]n schneid[e]n so far pald auff mit dem arm[e] vnd pleib alzo sten an dem messe[r] vnd schlag Im hintte[r] seines messers kling[e]n mit der stumpff[e]n schneyd[e]n [etc].

Here the master speaks about the Geferhau, the fifth element and chapter.

Messer Leckuchner

The Geferhau with its point Waits for the face and the chest. This way, you have the man the surer and you can give a good stroke to his head. Then, go with your right arm under his right one and around his body from behind and lower your stance a bit, and grab him on your right hip and throw him behind yourself.

But if he remains with the point against the face or against the openings, do not change through, but remain on the Messer and work with it to the next opening, so that he is not able to draw after to you or set on. Wait the inner cut to the hand Go through to the right, the point thrusts long and hard.

Item wann du steest zu seinner Rechten seitten In dem Eber. And as you shoot, step to his left side with your right foot. If he is going to expose himself with the Wecker You should hook the head long.

Indes wind den knopff mit vnnder durch.

Indes haw gleich zu seinnem duseggen. The Foreword Pay attention on the following As far as Messer fencing is concerned Learn things that decorate you And reward in friendly and in serious combat By means of that you frighten and edify skillfully the masters Here messeer the foreword on the Messer and states that who wants to fight well with the Messer, should learn the proper art and obey to this art and skill written below.


The Messer of Johannes Lecküchner

Indes winnd Im den Ort Inn das Gesicht. Wiltu ablauffen, Von payden seytten soltu wayffen.

Here the master states a breaking against the Messer-taking depicted above: If he has done the Wecker, etc. Wiltu die Maister plewen des winnckhlers mfsser dich frewen was kumpt krum oder schlecht das Ist dem winnckler alles gerecht. With the Messer, etc.

Das Mvnndiern Item das Mvndiern treib also wann du von deinner rechten Achsel oben. Here the master speaks about an element which is to be performed for amusement. Here the master states a breaking against the element described above and speaks: If he has cut the hand inside Strike the hand and the stroke may win.

Johannes Lecküchner – Wikipedia

Wer vil versetzt mit allen kunsten wirt er geletzt Item hie merckh ain gute Ler. Here the master teaches ,eckchner breaking against the element announced above and speaks: Or, pull downwards with your Messer, as you have heard before. Indes schlag Im zu dem kopff. Here the master teaches a good element from the strokes from below announced before and says: Item das soltu allso versteen Wann du mit dem zufechten zu dem Mann kumpst so leg dein Duseggen Inn die schrannckhut.